Week on Review: Weather

Poem: I Have, You Have
Sight Words: have, 

Reading:  This week we worked on identifying the problem and solution while reading. The problem is when something is wrong and the solution is what happens to fix the problem. 

Students learned and practiced spelling words in the -ade word family this week. We talked again about the bossy e and how adding it to the end of a word changes the vowel to a long vowel. 

Writing: We spent the week finishing up our informational writing. Students also used Shadow Puppet to write a weather report. Check out the few that were uploaded this week! 

Math: Addition stories were introduced this week. This is a skill that a lot of kiddos have fun with because they get to listen/make up a story and solve it. We practiced this whole group with counters and using the app Doodle Buddy. An example of an addition story problem would be: As I was sitting by the pond I saw 2 frogs. Then I saw 3 more frogs hop by. How many frogs did I see at the pond? 

Content: This week we finished our weather unit. We started the week off by talking about extreme weather and learning about tornados. The kids thought tornados were pretty cool! We also made a popplet as a class to brainstorm different things we would want to fall from the sky as we used Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We used our popplet to then do our writing and craft. We had a lot of good ideas including: pickles, meatloaf, strawberries, and suckers. 

St. Patrick's Day Fun:
We were so excited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this week! We started the week by making rainbow binoculars to spy the leprechaun. We then used our pictures that had been made on the app "Leprechaun Me" for our writing activity. Students had to think about where they would hide their pot of gold and finish the writing prompt. 

Later we went on a scavenger hunt to try and catch the Leprechaun. He had us looking all over the classroom and ended with a sweet treat: skittles! We had another sweet treat during snack which was ice cream with lucky charms sprinkled on top. 

To end the day we made our own leprechauns using orange paint and forks to make the beards! 

Reading: Students will...
-learn -ive words.
-visualize during a read aloud. 

Writing: Students will...
-learn about pronouns.
-Begin learning about persuasive writing. 

Math: Students will...
-learn and explain the word: total. 
-practice subtraction story problems. 

Content: Students will...
-start our 2 week unit on insects. We will learn about the body parts of an insect and what bugs are considered insects. We will have butterflies to examine and watch as they grow and transform. 

Upcoming Events:
April 8: Spring Pictures
April 29: Spring Carnival 
May 5: Muffins for Moms
May 10: Field Trip to Zoo

Week in Review: Weather

Poem: Muffin Man
Sight words: do, down

Reading: This week we introduced a new word family with the bossy e. Students brainstormed words in the -ike word family. During the week we worked on spelling and building -ike words.

Our vocabulary words for the week included:

On Thursday we used the app Balloon Stickies Plus to illustrate the word "idea". Students were excited to take a selfie and add a thinking bubble. Inside the thinking bubble we wrote the word idea.

Throughout the week we also worked on comprehension strategies like main idea, retell the story, and infer and predict. The main idea is what the story is mostly about. When we retell the story we recall what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. To infer and predict means when we read we think about what is going to happen next before turning the page.

Writing: This week we completed our end of the unit writing assessment. Students have been working hard at completing their informational books and uploading them to book creator. I am excited about having these informational books displayed on QR codes in the hallway during parent-teacher conference week!

Students were also introduced to the app Shadow Puppet Edu. Next week students will independently make their own weather reports by uploading pictures, text, and voice recording about weather.

Math: In math we compared addition and subtraction. We watched a video and discussed the differences between the two operations.

Content: This week we started our 2 weeks unit on weather! We started off the week by reading a few books and brainstorming a list of weather words. We then explored rain and what makes rain. We watched short video about the water cycle and then experimented with rain. We used water, shaving cream, and blue food dye to show what happens when it rains. The kids loved seeing the dye soak through the shaving cream and fall into the water. We talked about how we had to wait a little while before the dye actually fell down (just like rain)!

We then did  cause and effect activity with weather. Students had to determine the effect of certain weather. If it is sunny, then the effect is it's hot and I'm sweaty. If it's windy, my hair is blowing around very crazy, and so on.

We then talked about wind and clouds to finish off the week. We read about wind and talked about how you can't see wind, but you can see what wind does to other things. We talked about objects that could be moved by a small breeze and things that could not be moved. We then used a straw and our (wind) to move a feather. We charted how far each kiddo moved the feather!

On Friday we ended with clouds. We read the story "The Little Cloud" by Eric Carle. In the story he talks about how clouds change shape. Sometimes they even look like other things like a butterfly, or an airplane. We did our own craft using cotton balls to make a picture out of the clouds.


Reading: Students will...
-learn words that belong in the -ade word family.
-explore new vocabulary words including "leaps".

Writing: Students will...
-write informational weather reports.

Math: Students will...
-work and find the answers to addition story problems.

Content: Students will...
-continue learning about weather. Next week we will learn about extreme weather and other weather terms.

Important Dates:
March 15 & 17: Parent-Teacher Conferences
March 18: 3rd Nine Weeks Awards @ 2pm
March 21-25: Spring Break
April 8: Spring Pictures
April 29: Spring Carnival
May 5: Muffins for Moms
May 10: Zoo Field Trip

Week in Review: Dr. Seuss

Poem: Humpty Dumpty
Sight Words: here, put

Reading: This week students learned about the bossy e. We talked about how the bossy e makes the vowel say it's name. We practiced using this skill as we learned the words in the -ake word family.

We also reviewed authors purpose this week. Why did the author write this book; to entertain, inform, or persuade? Entertain is when it is a nonfiction book and it is written to make the reader laugh (for enjoyment). Persuade is when the author is trying to change your mind about something. Inform is when the author is trying to teach their reader something. This is a 3rd nine weeks report card skill. 

We reviewed the vocabulary word "apologize". Students practiced using this word as they pretended to apologize to a friend.

Writing: This week we worked on finishing our informational writing books and uploaded them to google classroom. We are excited to have these ready for parent-teacher conferences! 

We also talked about comparisons. Students helped fill in the chart pictured to make comparisons about our writing topics. This helps add to our writing by including more descriptive information for our reader. 

Since it was Dr. Seuss week we also worked on writing an information piece on Dr. Seuss. Students used Pebble Go to find information about Dr. Seuss. Then they went into Write to the Core to write their report. Kiddos had so much fun using new apps to write their reports. 

Math: This week we spent time reviewing report card skills like subtraction, greater than/less than/ equal to, and tens and ones.

Content: we celebrated Dr. Seuss this week by reading lots of his famous books. Each day we had a special dress up day. On Monday we read the book "If I Ran the Zoo" and students brought a stuffed animal to school with them.

On Tuesday we read "The Sleep Book" and wore our pajamas! 

It was Wacky Wednesday this week and students were encouraged to wear mix match clothing. Students loved finding what was wacky in the story! Since it was Wacky Wednesday we decided to try some wacky food! We read Green Eggs and Ham and enjoyed some yummy green "eggs". 

On Thursday we had crazy socks and read "The Foot Book". Students also reviewed opposites by drawing a picture of something in the left foot and the opposite in the right foot.

Friday we finished the week with The Cat in the Hat. It was fun to see all their silly hats. We also were able to make our own cat in the hat masks! 

We also have been working on the 5 Grinder Goals. We made a class book in Book Creator explaining each goal!

Reading: Students will...
-learn words that belong in the -ike word family.
-discuss character feelings within a text. 
-learn new vocabulary words within a text.

Writing: Students will...
-review informational writing.
-complete opinion prewriting piece.

Math: Students will...
-review greater than, less than, equal to
-compare and contrast addition and subtraction.

Content: Students will...
-be learning all about weather. We will be doing a few really neat experiments to show how weather works!