Plants (Week 2)

Poem: Planting Seeds
Sight Words: want, give

Accuracy: This week we learned all about contractions. Contractions are two words that are combined to make a shorter version of that word. Each day we learned a new contraction.

Vocabulary: This week students listened to the story "Zinnia's Flower Garden" and added the following words to our chart pesk, inspects, measures, gather, arrange, and abundant.

iPads: For ipads this week students created a short 3 part story using the app Toontastic.

Writing: This week in Writer's Workshop we learned about how to write a letter. We started by reading Click Clack Moo to introduce writing letters. Then we learned about the parts of a letter, before then writing letters of our own. We spent the week writing letters to friends in other classes and we wrote Mrs. Bunch's class! They wrote a letter to us too!

Math: This week we learned about clocks and telling time. We used little clocks to practice while listening to a catchy song by Jack Hartman. We learned telling time to the hour and half hour this week.

iPads: This week students scanned QR codes and listened to subtraction stories problems. They solved each problem in PicEDU by using the stickers and doodle pen to record their answers and write the subtraction sentence.

Content: This week we continued learning about plants. We spent time learning about the needs of a plant. We then created a flower which had the needs of a plant when you lift the color flower flap.

This year we had our first Annual KINDY 500. Yes, this is a mock race that is inspired by the actual Indianapolis 500. We talk with our kiddos about the race in Indianapolis and the traditions and why it is so special to those who live in Indiana. The preparation starts weeks before the event as kiddos are put into teams and start the planning. Each team is made up of 6-7 kiddos. They chose their team name, team number, and team colors. We then use paints to paint our cars. We then add our names, numbers and suspenders.

The day of, we invite families and the rest of the school to come to our event. Mrs. Cauble was the pace car and began racing around before the race showing the kindergarten students how to go around the track.

There were 3 heats where students raced their hearts out against other teams. The final race was for the winners of each heat. Members of the champion team were awarded metals and trophies, they drank milk and kissed the "bricks". It was a great day had by all and can't wait for years to come! Check out some of the videos and pictures that were taken!

Plants (Week 1)

Poem: Pizza Pie
Sight Words: help, off

We have began reviewing comprehension skills that have been taught and learned throughout the year. One of the big ones that will be tested this nine weeks is comparing and contrasting. We compare and contrast books that are on the same topic and similar and also characters within a story and how they are the same and different.

Accuracy: This week we learned about compound words. We learn that a compound word is 2 words that are combined together to make a new word. We started the week by watching a video and going over a chart together to gain background and understanding of a compound word. Throughout the week we practiced seeing 2 separate words and making a new compound word. We used Google Slides and picture cards to practice this skill.

Vocabulary: This week students listened to the story "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle. This is a great book about a little tiny seed that started so small and turned into the biggest flower.

iPads: This week students used Pic EDU to record the beginning, middle, and end of a story that I sent them in the app EPIC. They used the font tool to write sentences, the stickers to find their answer using pictures and the doodle feature to write their addition sentence.

The second round students practiced making and reading compound words with a new app called Compound Words with Gama. They loved practicing with this portion brewing word app!

Writing: This week we have finished our units of writing and have begun writing fun different pieces of writing including lists! We started by making a list of all the kinds of lists we can make. For example we can make a list of food we like, sports we play, places to go, toys we want, books we like, etc.

Math: This week we reviewed skills that have been taught this year. We specifically spent time practicing ways to make a number 1-9. We practiced finding the answer with counters and recording our answers in a number bond, and by using a picture.

iPads: This week students used PicEDU to solve addition story problems. Given to each kiddo was a bag of addition story problems that they read through. They completed the task by following these steps:
1. Take a picture of the story problem card within the app.
2. Use the doodle feature to circle the 2 numbers in the story.
3. Use the sticker feature to work out the problem and find the answer.
4. Use the doodle feature to write the addition sentence with the answer.

Content: This week we began our 2 week unit on plants. We also began working on things for the end of the year including planning and designing our "cars" for the KINDY 500, creating our special Mother's Day craftivity, and preparing for graduation.

We also took our field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo this week! Take a look at some of the fun we had!

Reading: Students will...
-learn about contractions.

WritingStudents will...
-learn how to write a letter.

MathStudents will...
-review skills learned this year. 

ContentStudents will continue to learn about plants. 


Poem: Snug in a Rug
Sight Words: new, over

Comprehension Strategy: This week we reviewed the skills compare and contrast. We compared and contrasted characters within a story and we also compared and contrasted 2 books on the same topic. The book we chose to compare characters was "We Are in a Book!". We compared the characters Gerald and Piggie. We used Popplet to record how they were the same and different.

Accuracy: This week we are learning about word endings. We are understanding how endings like -s, -ed, and -ing change a word and how to read the word with the new ending. We started off by sorting words with the -ed ending into the different sounds. The -ed ending makes 3 sounds and we practiced reading each word and placed each one in the correct pile.

We also had a google slide that we read each word ending to and determined the new word.

Vocabulary: This week we read the story, "A Zebra's World" and added the following words to our chart: daily, several, pattern, occasionally, muscles, and herd. This book was a great book that taught us all about zebras.

Writing: In writing this week we reviewed ending punctuation marks. We started with the sentence song on youtube and then used punctuation stickers to place at the end of sentences on our poster. They did great at understanding the sentence and what to place at the end. We also talked about and made a list of things we love. Students took their own heart back to complete and put in their folder. This helps students choose a topic to write an opinion piece on. The rest of the week we worked on writing opinion writing pieces following the OREO structure. At the end of the week they turned in their final opinion piece.

Math: This week during math we practiced solving subtraction story problems. We worked at solving a variety of subtraction story problems throughout the week using Doodle Buddy stamps, math tools, and animal crackers. On Wednesday students used animal crackers and a zoo place mat to solve subtraction story problems such as "I went to the zoo and I saw 4 animals. Then 2 animals left to get food. How many animals are left?" Students loved this because they got to eat the animal crackers that were subtracted.

On Thursday we did a 3-Act Math subtraction problem with Cookie Monster. We were shown 7 cookies then a video of Cookie Monster gobbling up some. Then we saw 4 cookies left. We had to find out how many Cookie Monster ate. Students used their dry erase boards to record and draw their picture to then find their answer. We discussed how to find our answer afterwards. 

Vocabulary: This week our phrase was take away. To take away means to get rid of something.

Content: This week we spent time learning about zoo animals! We started the week off by making charts with information about giraffes and zebras. Then we wrote our facts on an information sheet. On Friday we finished with making our zebra/giraffe head. 

SEL (Social Emotional Learning): Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This week we finished our Self Esteem unit. We started with giving each kiddo a sticker that we wrote on. We finished the sentence "I like myself because..." Then we rolled a dice with different sentence starters. We discussed throughout the week the answers to eat one of those sides. We also read the story "Be Who You Are" by Todd Parr. He is great at writing a simple message in a powerful way. 

ABC Countdown to Summer: This was the 2nd week of our countdown. Every day the rest of the year we will celebrate and countdown by doing something fun associated with the letter of the alphabet for that day. This week was the following:
-Estimation Day

-Fruit Day

-Game Day

-Hat Day

-Ice Cream Day

Reading: Students will...
-learn about compound words.
-compare and contrast stories and characters. 

WritingStudents will...
-begin writing lists. 

MathStudents will...
-review math skills that we have learned this 9 weeks. 

ContentStudents will learn about plants. This will be the first of our 2 week unit.