President's Day

Poem: Here Are My Eyes
Sight Words: down, when

Reading: This week in reading we learned about words in the -ock and -ack word families. We are working on using our sounds to stretch out these words and write them using the rules that we learn about when they are first introduced. This week c and k together make a /k/ sound. Students practice listening to words like lock, dock, snack, etc. to write them on their own on dry erase boards.

We also learned about words from the story "Arthur Meets the President". The words that we learned about this week were president, White House, speech, recite, ceremony, and country.
 On iPads this week students scanned QR codes that revealed a picture that they then had to stretch out and write on their recording sheet. They also explored with a new app called Brain Pop Jr. They practiced logging into their account and watching a video about President Lincoln. During another rotation students used the app Face Talker to share what they would do as President. They had so much fun with that app! In math students worked at drawing shapes using popplet.

Writing: This week we learned how to use PebbleGo to research a topic to then write an informational book. PebbleGo is such an amazing tool for kindergartners to use when researching a topic. They can use the pictures to find a topic then go in and listen to the facts on each tab. There are pictures, videos, and sometimes sounds that help teach them about the topic. They are then able to go and write their facts down on their planning page to write their own informational book.

Math: This week in math we learned about the words temperature and capacity. We first sorted pictures into things that are hot and cold. Then we talked about capacity by looking at pictures and determining which container is best for each situation. For example if you were going to a picnic with a lot of people, would you bring a 2-liter bottle of lemonade or an 8oz can? Students were so quick in determining which container was best. Then we discussed temperature further by talking about how a thermometer measuring temperature. We used a chart to circle the temperature that was most appropriate with the article of clothing next to it.

Content: This week we learned about Presidents. We started the week off by learning about the president from PebbleGo. We then made a chart that describes his job and things we know about the president. We also learned more about Presidents throughout the week through Brain Pop Jr. We also used Google to look through the White House, learning more about where the President lives and works.

SEL: This week we started our 2 week unit about confidence and self-esteem. We started the week off by reading the book "I Like Myself!" This book is exactly what the title says. The girl may be different than others, but she likes everything about herself. We talk about how we are all different, but that is what makes us special and unique. We then listened to a story by Howard B. Wigglebottom about how he listens to his heart and doesn't let what others say/do influence his actions. On Thursday we had a very powerful lesson where each kiddo was asked to finish the sentence, "I like myself because..." I wrote their answer on a label that they got to wear and be proud of throughout the day. It was so awesome to see them beam with confidence!

Digital Learning Day: Thursday, February 23 was Digital Learning Day. This is when kids and schools from around the country showcase their knowledge using technology. We use technology in the classroom everyday so we decided to pair with a 5th grade class to showcase some of what we learned about George Washington. In small groups students went to Pebblego and learned about George Washington while 5th graders took notes. Then they went to Popplet to create a web including their facts. After poppplet students worked together to create a script that they recorded using Chatterpix. Finished projects were uploaded to Google Classroom where we were able to watch as a whole group!

We also did our first Mystery Hangout/Skype with a kindergarten class from Texas! We did a mystery shape for this call and it was so much fun! For the mystery hangout each class chooses a shape (2D or 3D) before the call. During the call each class takes turns asking questions about their shape's attributes. We asked questions including, "Is your shape round? Does your shape have 4 corners? Is your shape flat?" The process continues until you narrow it down and can guess the shape. This was a great review of shapes and was fun to connect with another kindergarten class learning the same skills!

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ame and -ale word families.
-review main idea and key details in a story.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about comparisons (similes) to add to their writing.
-use pebblego to learn about Dr. Seuss and write an information book.

Math: Students will...
-review skills including tens and ones, subtraction, and counting on.

Content: Students will be reading lots of books written by Dr. Seuss. We will celebrate Read Across America on Thursday with some fun things planned to make reading a little more special and enjoyable!

Valentine's Day

Poem: The Elephant Goes Like This
Sight Words: with, that

Reading: Our Cafe strategy this week was Read with Expression. Students listened as I read the story once and another page by reading with expression. Students were able to identify and describe the difference stating that when I read with expression it sounded better; I seemed interested in the story. We talk about how it is much more fun to listen to a story when the reader reads with expression. We practice fluency when we read with expression.

Our vocabulary words this week went along with the book The Biggest Valentine Ever. Those words included: doily, lopsided, envelope, valentine, edge, and mischievous. As a review we took the word edge and used Duck Duck Moose Draw and Tell to describe the word in further detail. We also worked on identifying and writing words in the -ump and -unk word families. Be sure to have you child practice stretching out these words and writing them at home. It is great practice!

For ipads this week students worked on recalling the main idea of story that they listened to using the app Draw and Tell. Students also used Pic Collage to take a selfie and write descriptive words about myself. They then sent the valentine to me by using Google Classroom.

Writing: During Writer's Workshop this week students learned which words get a capital letter. We used the chart to talk through which names/words get a capital at the beginning. Throughout the remainder of the week we learned how we can use a science leveled reader to learn about a new topic. I modeled writing an informational book about clouds by first reading the book then using facts from the story to write my own informational book. I used labels and text features in my book to show students how that would look.

Math: This week in math we discussed the vocabulary word line. We talked about how shapes have lines, some have curvy lines and others have straight lines. Throughout the week we practiced drawing 2D shapes (circle, hexagon, rectangle, triangle, and square). This is a 3rd nine weeks report card skill that we will continue practicing. To practice during math new choices were added to math by myself and math with someone. With a partner students use shapes to make a picture then draw their picture on their paper, all while practicing drawing those shapes. For math by myself students have a strip of paper with shapes associated with each side of a dice. Students then roll the dice and practice drawing the shape with that number on their dry erase board. Students also used ipads to scan QR codes, listen to the shape description then draw and write the name of the shape.

Content: This week was all about Valentine's Day! We decorated our valentine bags and on Tuesday had our party. We passed out our valentines, decorated cookies, sipped on ice cream 7-up floats and watched a movie. We then did a sweet science experiment where we tested to see which candy hearts would float in water and which would sink. We tested a marshmallow heart, chocolate heart, and conversation heart. Students recorded their hypothesis and the results on their paper as we tested each heart. It was a very exciting experiment! We also used valentine m&m's to sort colors and record which had more and which color had less. Each student received their own individual package which made passing out the m&m's a breeze! We finished the week with a cupcake writing of things we love.

SEL: This week we spent time learning about compassion. Compassion is being a good friend by showing kindness when someone may not be feeling their best. We started the week by reading the story "Rude Cakes". We talked about how the rude cake did not show compassion and was focused on himself throughout the story, but after meeting the cyclops changed for the best. On Tuesday we read a story by Howard B Wigglebottom called "Mud and Rainbows". This was about Howard trying to fix his friend's problem but realizing that he couldn't as much as he wanted to. He was however a good friend by being there and making her feel better. We also used a picture of turtles to talk with a partner about compassion. It was a good discussion! We finished the week by using shoes and sharing stories about each of the people wearing the shoes. After listening to each story students shared how they would respond to the situation and how they would show compassion.

Behavior Celebration: It was that time again where students who have earned 85% positive behavior were able to attend the behavior celebration which was Amazon John with Silly Safaris. He was so animated and brought lots of animals for us to see and touch! Be sure to check your child's percentage at home each week to see if they have reached 85% by the behavior celebration!

Reading: Students will...
-review author's purpose.
-learn words in the -ack and -ock word families.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about plurals.
-use PebbleGo to research topic ideas.

Math: Students will...
-learn about capacity and temperature.

Content: Students will learn about presidents and their job. We will be participating with 5th grade on Thursday for Digital Learning Day to showcase what we have learned about George Washington.