Week in Review: Pumpkins

Poem: Down by the Station
Sight Word: See

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Reading: This week we played ZAP for the second time. Students pull out a Popsicle stick with a letter on it and says it aloud. They did a great job this second week recognizing and recalling letter sounds.

We also spent the week identifying the last sound in words. This can be a tricky transition from beginning sounds so continue working with your child at home so that they can distinguish the difference between beginning and ending sounds. On Friday, we reviewed print concepts within our own level reader books. Students were able to identify the front/back cover of the book, title page, where to start reading, show that we read left to right.

Writing: This week we were able to write in our writing folders! We learned how to use our writing folders the right way and the procedure for retrieving and returning our folder at the start and end of writer's workshop. We have continued writing "I like" sentences to go along with our drawings. Everyone has done a great job being creative and coming up with writing topics. I am excited to see all of our writers evolve over the next few weeks.

Math: This week we worked on recognizing numbers 1-20. We used a big floor number line to recognize numbers this week. The kids loved getting up and hopping on the number said aloud. We also played SWAT IT to see how fast we could find the correct number said aloud.

This week we added another choice to Math by Myself and Number Work. The kids had a blast using play doh to make shapes and numbers.

Content: We spent the week learning all about pumpkins. We first made a tree map listing all the things we know about pumpkins. We also discussed the lifecycle of a pumpkin and put each step in order. On Friday we explored a pumpkin that was picked on our field trip. We were able to use our senses to complete our pumpkin investigation.

Field Trip:
This week we took our first field trip to Exploration Acres. We we're able to take a wagon ride to go back to the pumpkin patch. Once at the patch we took time picking out the perfect pumpkin to bring back with us. It was such a nice and sunny day to be at the pumpkin patch learning about pumpkins and exploring outside.

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Week in Review: Mo Willems

Poem: Stretching Fun
Sight Word: and

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Reading: This week we continued working with beginning sounds and also introduced a new reading strategy; check to see if the words and pictures match. This week we used a letter mat to recall letter sounds. Each kiddo used a bean bag to toss on the mat. The letter that the bag landed on is the sound that they must produce. The kids love using the letter toss!

YouTube Video

On Friday we introduced a game called ZAP! We sit in a circle and pass a box filled with Popsicle sticks with a letter on each one. The box gets passed around the circle and each kiddo pulls out one Popsicle stick during their turn. They must say the sound of that letter to keep their stick. However, there are a few sticks with the word ZAP on them. When a student pulls out a stick with ZAP on it then they must put all their sticks back in the box. We loved playing ZAP for the first time on Friday to recall letter sounds.

Use the Pictures; Do the Pictures and the Words Match?
When reading with your child at home make sure that the word on the page matches the picture. If the picture is of a coat but the word on the page is jacket, we look at the beginning of the word and check to see if the beginning sound matches the first letter of the word.

Writing: This week we began writer's workshop and talked about writing procedures. We began by brainstorming a list of possible writing topics. After making a list of topics, we practiced choosing a topic and began writing. For our first writing we focus on our picture the most. We think about our topic and think about what our picture should look like. We think about what colors should be used and put as much detail in our picture as we can. As students draw their picture they are to label everything with the beginning sound. I first modeled a picture of a flower and showed students how to add to the picture.

Math: We introduced choice for Daily 3 Math. Students can now choose between Number Work and Math by Myself. When students choose Number Work they use a dry erase board to write numbers 1-20 and draw a picture showing that number. If they write the number 4 then they would draw 4 circles on their board.

If students choose Math by Myself, they are making shapes with the geoboard. We also made an I-chart as a class for Math by Myself and Number Work this week.

Content: We spent the entire week learning about author, Mo Willems. We read many of his books and worked on many crafts inspired by his very entertaining stories. Mo Willems is the famous author of the Pigeon books and he also writes all of the Elephant and Piggie books. We first watched a video to learn a about Mo Willems. We then made a predictable chart and came up with other things that the Pigeon should not drive; based on the story "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus". We used our handprint to make the pigeon and finished that craft on Thursday. We got very creative with this craft!

We then used a toilet paper roll to make our own pigeon to take home. We were able to get a class photo with our pigeons!

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Week in Review: Colors

Poem: Little Ball
Sight Word: a

Reading: This week we worked on beginning sounds as well as letter sounds. We used picture cards throughout the week in a variety of ways to work with beginning sounds. On Monday students found a magnetic letter to match the picture card shown. On Thursday we found another student who had a picture card with the same beginning sound. When finding a match we put them together on the pocket chart.

We introduced a new comprehension strategy this week called Check for Understanding. There are many times that we read a story and aren't sure what we read. After reading a story we would ask ourselves questions to make sure that we understood what we read.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home? 
1. When reading to your child, stop periodically and say, “Let’s see if we remember what I just read. Think about who the story was about and what happened.” Do this 3 or 4 times throughout the story. 
2. When reading to your child, stop and have them practice checking for understanding by saying, “I heard you say...”
3. Ask your child the following questions:
• Who did you just read about?
• What just happened?
• Was your brain talking to you while you read?
• Do you understand what was read?
• What do you do if you don’t remember?

We also introduced Read with Someone last week and added that as a choice this week during Daily 5 Reading. After completing our I-chart we practiced with a partner. We learned that during read to someone we must be sitting EEKK, which stands for Elbow Elbow Knee Knee.

Writing: We finished writing all the letters of the alphabet this week, which means next week we will begin our writer's workshop. This week we finished learning how to form letters as well as watched the letter songs to go with each letter. On Friday to wrap up letter writing, we used paints to trace and write the letters in our name.

Math: This week in math we spent time talking about numbers 1-10. Each day we focused on 2 numbers. With dry erase boards we practiced writing the number, writing the number word, drawing a picture of that number, and showed the number on a tens frame. Don't forget to keep working with your child at home on writing and recognizing their numbers.

Content: This week we spent the week talking about colors. Each day of the week we concentration on one color. Every day we learned the song and listed things that were that color. On Friday we used the story Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes for our craft. Each kiddo had to choose what color shoes Pete would wear color them that color and write the color word on their Pete the Cat.

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