Week in Review: March 17

Reading: This week we worked on problem and solution as our comprehension strategy. This strategy allows us to think more about the story we are reading and analyze what is happening. We determined that a problem is something that is wrong and the solution is what happens to fix the problem. We read different stories this week that we had to figure out the problem and solution. Encourage your child to identify the problem and solution at home when reading with you!

Sight Words: have, help
Poem: I Have, You Have

Writing: We are digging deeper into informational writing and becoming great writers! This week we used the LEARNING FROM A MENTOR TEXT chart to remind us of the things that we should include in our writing. After introducing the chart we then used as a checklist. We noticed that our class writing did not have pictures that teach. I modeled how to draw a picture that matched my words and taught my reader.

We also talked about comparisons and how a comparison helps teach our reader. We made a chart listing comparisons including:
As soft as a feather
As big as a bear
As long as a snake
As a class we added a comparison to our writing. Our first fact was that lions roar. We added, "A roar is as loud as a megaphone". They then went out and added this component to their own writing. On Friday we added informational writing to our writing board.

Math: This week we solved addition and subtraction story problems. We worked on this as a whole class and as an option at math with someone. When at math with someone one partner tells a story and the other partner solves the story problem. An example of a story problem would be; one day I saw 4 bugs then 2 bugs crawled away. How many bugs are left?

Content: This week we finished up our weather unit. We spent the week talking about seasons and how the weather changed from season to season. On Friday we wrote about our favorite season and drew a picture of what it would look like outside our window during that season. The kid also got into groups to read about clouds. As a group we shared what we read about clouds.

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Week in Review: March 10

Reading: This week we talked about the characters within stories. Instead of just stating who the characters are; we analyzed the characters and discussed how they changed throughout the story. We also introduced big books as a choice while reading with someone. Each kiddo can get one big book if they choose read to someone. It is the perfect size to share while seething EEKK with your buddy. We also had lots of kiddos move up a level on RAZ-kids! So proud of all the hard workers in our class!

Sight Words: do, down
Poem: The Muffin Man
Writing: We spent this week talking about informational writing. This is different from the how-to books that we had been writing. Instead of writing steps of how to do something; this time we are teaching our reader about a topic. The informational writing checklist was introduced to help students remember the parts that they need to include in their writing. We also used informational level readers to help us spark ideas for our informational writing.

Math: This week we introduced a new math skill; solve addition story problems. We used paper cut-outs and manipulatives to help us solve story problems whole group. The kiddos had lots of fun helping me come up with story problems on their own too.

Content: This week we learned all about the weather. We started the week off by watching a short video clip about the different kinds of weather and made a list of weather words. On Tuesday we talked about wind and how you can't see wind, but you can see the effects of wind. We used feathers to show what wind is like. We also worked on a weather flip book showing the cause and effect of weather. Cause and effect was a skill that we had previously talked about during writing and the kids did an awesome job with it!

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Week in Review: March 3


Poem: Humpty Dumpty
Sight Word: here, put

We spent the week reviewing reading comprehension skills. While reading stories we determined the author's purpose, retell the story stating the main idea and supporting details.

Writing: This week we worked on our class treasure book. We used the Dr. Seuss book "Fox in Socks" as inspiration when starting our own book. Together as a class we completed our predictable chart generating ideas for each page. We spent the first part of the week working our first draft for our writing and illustrations. Then, we perfected our drafts for the final piece that will show up in our published book! Reminder: parents if you would still like to order a book, please send in your order form and money ASAP.

Math: We added a new choice at math with someone this week. The skill that each set of parents will be working on together is "show how to make a number 1-9 in more than one way". Using a die, one partner rolls a number then writes one way to make that number on a number bond. Then, the other partner shows a different way to make that same number.

Content: This week we continued to read and have fun with Dr. Seuss stories. We read "The Cat in the Hat" and made masks. We also used that story for a Thing 3 activity. We filled out an application to be Thing 3 and made a craft to see what we would look like as Thing 3!

We also read "Green Eggs and Ham" and tried green eggs! We charted our opinions and found out that there was a tie! 9 kiddos did NOT like green eggs and 9 kiddos liked green eggs.

Each kiddo was also given a blank hat to decorate at home. We had many creative hats come back to school!

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Week in Review: February 24

Poem: the Elephant Goes This Way
Sight Words: he, no

Reading: This week's reading strategy was to recognize and explain cause and effect relationships. We used a few different stories to help students understand this strategy including "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" and "The Mitten". We use prompts like "what happens to make something else happen". Also using words like because, if, and then help in determining the cause and effect. When reading "The Mitten" the cause was that the bear sneezed which made the result being that all the other animals popped out of the mitten. When reading "If You Take a Mouse to the Movies" there were lots of cause and effect relationships to look for, the first being the cause is taking the mouse to the movies and as a result the mouse will want popcorn.

Writing: We worked on how-to books this week. We talked about how it is important to include at least 3 steps when explaining how to do something. We had many students publish a how-to book this week after working and perfecting their writing. I have also worked with a small group helping them with this process.
The kids also got to work with their new writing buddies!

The March Write-O will be sent home on Monday. I am amazed with the writing that was turned in from February! Remember when working on the next month help your child stretch out words; don't spell words for them but encourage them to listen to all the sounds that they hear. They have all come so far since the beginning of the school year, keep working with your child!

Math: We continued decomposing numbers in more than one way. This is a tricky skill that is being tested this nine weeks. If your child is having trouble practice making number bonds at home on a scrap piece of paper. We will be adding a new choice to practice this skill in at math with someone next week. We also worked more on subtraction by playing subtraction bowling! The kids had so much fun with this interactive game of subtraction!

The new math folder will also be coming home on Monday. This is a perfect way to reinforce the math skills that we are working on here at school while at home. I am so proud of those kiddos that work hard at completing this math folder each month! Way to go!

Content: For the past week we have started our Dr. Seuss theme. We started the week off by reading "The Foot Book". This book contains many opposite words. We then had a paper with a left and right foot to show two words that are opposites.

We also were able to read "Bartholomew and the Oobleck". After reading this story we were able to investigate and explore our own oobleck! After exploring we filled out an observation sheet and wrote what the oobleck looked like and felt like. We had lots of fun with the oobleck!

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