Community Helpers

Poem: Stretching Fun
Sight Words: like, and

Reading: Our comprehension strategy was identify the setting within a story. The setting is where the character is. It is important that students understand that the setting is a place and is specific. When reading a story, ask your child "What is the setting?". If they answer "outside", encourage them to give you more information. Were the characters at a farm? Were they at the park? Were they inside a school?

We also added a new work on writing page that is done as a choice during Daily 5. During this choice, students use a book they have read from their book box and draw a picture of the setting and characters from that story. They are also expected to use their sounds to write the beginning and ending sound for the setting and characters.

Our new word family for the week was the -ad word family. Words we added to our list might have included; mad, bad, sad, glad, rad, fad, tad, and dad.

Writing: This week during Writer's Workshop we used a mentor text to see how authors use sight words to write a sentence. Students use the sight words "I" and "like" to begin their sentence. If they had drawn a picture of a bird, they would then write the beginning sound for bird, which is /b/. Their sentence would look like this, "I like b." After watching how to write a simple sentence students went back and began writing a simple sentence of their own to match the picture they had drawn. We also worked on drawing pictures using shapes and lines.

Math: Our vocabulary word for this week was pattern. A pattern is a sequence of repeated objects. Students learned that there are different kinds of patterns such as ABAB, AABBAABB, and ABCABC to name a few. Students used shapes, colors, and pictures to help with their understanding of patterns.

Content: This week students learned about community helpers. Community helpers are people who work together and play an important role in making sure our community runs smoothly. Some of those workers include: firefighters, police officers, nurses, teachers, doctors, mechanics, and many more! Students learned about important tools that help these people do their jobs. They were also given the opportunity to make themselves as a community helper of their choice. Throughout the week students were able to share these projects with the class! We also had a special visit from a police officer!

Red Ribbon Week: Red Ribbon Week begins Monday! All week we will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week with spirit days. If you would like your child to participate, please see the schedule below. (Also found on our google calendar.)

Monday- "Teach others to say no to drugs." (Dress like your favorite teacher.)

Tuesday- "Disney World is exciting, but drugs are not!" (Disney Characters)

Wednesday- "Bright kids don't do drugs." (Neon Clothes)

Thursday- "Reach your goals without doing drugs." (Career Day)

Friday- "Dream about saying no to drugs." (Pajama Day)

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