Poem: My Eyes Can See
Sight Words: up, my

Reading: This week our reading strategy was to identify characters within a story. To help us better understand who the characters are, kiddos were given the opportunity to bring in/share a picture of their favorite character. Together we made a character chart and learned that characters are who the story is about.

Word Families: This week our word family was -an. We created a list of words that belong in the -an word family. Words include pan, man, Dan, fan, span, Jan, ban, can, etc.

Vocabulary: This week to go along with our theme we read the story, "The Biggest Pumpkin Ever". The words that we learned from reading the story include contest, discovered, fertilizer, admire, gathered, and hummed.

Writing: This week we kicked off Writer's Workshop! We spent time learning how to properly gather our writing materials and begin writing in our folders. We took time brainstorming a list of possible writing topics and from there began working in our folders by drawing details pictures using shapes, lines, and a variety of colors. We also learned how we can label our picture using the beginning sound.

Vocabulary: Our math term this week was subtize. Subitize means to see and know right away. Students will use this term frequently throughout the school year as we will practice the skill daily. Ways that we practice becoming more fluent in subitizing is through brief exercises of looking at numbers represented in a variety of ways. Students must know that when they see someone holding up 3 fingers, that is three. As well as if they rolled a dice and saw three dots, that right away they could say "Three!".

Content: This week we learned all about pumpkins! We discussed characteristics of pumpkins and completed a pumpkin investigation.

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