Fire Safety

Poem: Where Am I?
Sight Words: go, am

Reading: This week we learned about text features. Nonfiction text contains common features such as titles, headings and subheadings, captions, maps, diagrams, charts and graphs, legends, bold and italicized text, glossaries, indexes, and cutaways. When reading we recognize and use these features to help us understand what we are reading.

To help in our understanding of the many different text features within our books, we made a chart with illustrations. Now we are constantly on the look out for text features that will help in our understanding!

This week we worked with the -am word family. Check out this video to hear some of the words we read this week!

Writing: This week we practiced taking a picture with our mind! We have a lot of sight words and we work throughout the year to read and write them fluently. This week we practiced taking a picture while looking at the sight word, then remembering what we saw and writing it down. This is a strategy we will use all year.

Math: Our vocabulary word this week was sort. Sort means to put like things together. We learned that we can sort many different things including types of food, types of clothing, etc. In math we are encouraged to sort by color, shape, and size. When sorting by shape students should put all triangles together, all squares, all circles, etc. The size and color of the shape is irrelevant when sorting by shape.

When sorting by color and size we usually use plastic bears. We have 3 different sizes of bears. Students are asked to sort by size, meaning to make 3 piles and put the bears that are the same size together. Same thing with color. All the red bears go together, all the blues bears, and so on.

Content: This week we learned about Fire Safety. We learned that it's important to have a plan in case of an emergency and the action steps to take.

Lastly.. Mrs. Keller returns on Monday!! I am super excited to be back in the mix at the Mill! If you could just remind and prepare your child on Sunday night that a different kind face will be greeting them at the classroom door Monday morning, I would appreciate it.



Reading: We will...
-be reviewing Daily 5 & cafe.
-building stamina.
-brainstorming words that belong in the -ed word family.

Writing: We will...
-be reviewing Writer's Workshop.
-be writing simple sentences to match our pictures.

Math: We will be...
-reviewing Math by Myself.
-building stamina.
-learning about the position of objects.

Content: We will be learning about leaves and fall. Be on the look out on instagram to see all the learning that is going to be taking place, but to also see us on our leaf hunt and ending the week with our pumpkin STEM project!

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