Poem: My Apple
Sight Words: look, it

Reading: -ag words
Strategy: This week we learned about reality and fantasy. We read lots of different books throughout the year and it is important to know the difference between a book that is real and a book that is made up. Students practice determining the difference with scenarios and pictures such as "Dragons make good pets." and "Kids like to play."

We also are diving into our word families and talking about rhyming words through this. This week we were introduced to words in the -ag word family. Words include flag, bag, tag, rag, sag, wag, etc. This is a great skill to work on at home as you sit with your child. Say a word aloud and see if they can come up with a word that sounds similar. (It can be a nonsense [made up] word too!)

Vocabulary: This week we learned 6 new words with the book Apples, Apples, Apples. Those words that we added to our chart were orchard, flesh, core, stem, recipe, and diced.

Writing: We are finishing up with our handwriting and focused on the letters Kk, Zz. For our fun after writing craft we made kings out of the letter Kk and zebras out of our z's.

Vocabulary: Corner, Vertices, Sides
This week we continued learning about 2D shapes. Through learning about 2D shapes our vocabulary included corner, sides, and vertices. We made a chart naming the number of vertices and sides for each shape. We also used pictures of shapes in the real world to help our understanding of shapes.

We also added Math with Someone into our math block. We made an I-chart listing the expectations during this time and started with The Shape Race game! This game helps students become more familiar with 2D shapes and recall the number of sides quickly. Students pull out a card from a bag to reveal their shape. If they pull out a triangle, they would move their piece on the board game 3 spaces. Students take turns until the game is over and then play again if time permits.

Content: This week students learned all about apples. During the week we normally learn about the lifecycle of an apple, we learn and list characters of an apple, and do an apple investigation. We had fun painting with apples this week!

Field Trip: We went on our first field trip of the year to Exploration Acres! On our trip we are able to head to the pumpkin patch and pick out a pumpkin of our own to take home. This is a great trip for us to take as we build background knowledge prior to our pumpkin week where we learn the lifecycle of a pumpkin and conduct our pumpkin investigation. On our trip we had lots of fun going through the corn maze, exploring in the corn kernels, going to the pumpkin patch, and sliding down the barrel slide.

*Just a reminder that if you might even have the slightest interest in attending our spring field trip as a chaperone please please make sure the office has a background check on file. This is something that each parent needs in order to attend with us and is something that needs renewed each school year.

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