Poem: Turkey in the Barnyard
Sight Words: Lightening Words

Comprehension Strategy: Comprehension Strategy: We reviewed the strategy "Check for Understanding". This is a comprehension strategy that teaches children to stop frequently and check, or monitor, whether they understand what they are reading. This typically is a quick summary of what they’ve read, starting with “who” and “what.” We also practice by asking, "Does it make sense?"

We learned about the -it words this week with our prezi, word list, and word hunt!

We also added Read with Someone as a choice during Daily 5 Reading. We modeled the right way to get a partner and begin reading and listed expectations on our I-Chart.

iPads: This week students a Pilgrim and Indian Sort on Google Slides and submitted it in Google Classroom. During reading students worked at creating their disguised turkey and learned to take a screenshot to use in chatterpix. In chatterpix students recorded how they were going to hide from Farmer Brown on Thanksgiving. Here are a few of their creations!

Writing: This week we learned what makes writing easy and hard to read. We looked at our chart and premade examples to understand the things we need when writing to make it easy to read for ourselves and others. Those things include: appropriate spacing, capital letters at the beginning only, spelling sight words correctly, and matching our pictures to our words. We also learned how to use book creator to upload our finished true stories.

Math: This week we continued learning about the ways to make 6 and learned about the word position. This is a term that is a report card skill, so we practiced giving directions and having classmates move a stuffed animal around the room using positional terms.

Vocabulary: Position
This week we listened to the preposition song and learned that position means where something is compared to another object. Words and phrases we used included: in front of, behind, under, above, next to, between, and beside.

Content: This week was all about the first Thanksgiving. We did many things including decorating a turkey place mat for our feast in the classroom, wrote what we are thankful for on turkey feathers

Reading: Students will...
-summarize stories.
-learn words in the -og word family.

WritingStudents will...
-learn about ending marks (emphasis on periods).
-learn how to use a checklist after writing a true story.

MathStudents will...
-continue with ways to make numbers 7-10.

ContentStudents will hear many stories about the gingerbread man! We will focus on the many versions and interpretations and compare the different versions. 

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