Poem: Snug in a Rug
Sight Words: over, new

This week we learned about word endings. The word endings we explored included -ed, -s, and -ing. We watched videos and used Google Slides to discuss words that changed when adding these endings.

We also had fun visitors one day! Mrs. Lawson's 5th grade class came to read from our book boxes with us. We had so much fun spending time with the older kids and being able to read to them!

Vocabulary: This week we read the story, "A Zebra's World". The words we added to our expanded vocabulary chart were muscles, usually, daily, herd. pattern, and several.

iPads: This week students used Pebble Go to learn about zoo animals. They then went into Adobe Voice (Spark Video) to record information they learned about their animal. After making their video they uploaded their finished product to Google Classroom.

For the second round students used contraction cards to determine what the contraction would be. They also looked at cards that had a contraction and students had to determine what words made the contraction. They wrote their words on a dry erase board and checked their answer using the QR code on the card.

Writing: This week we spent the week writing a variety of things including lists, letters, notes, and lists. We even finished the week making a special gift for mom for Mother's Day.

Math: This week we spent time learning about time. We learned about the words hour and minute as well as how to read an analog clock. We practiced this by using hands on clocks to show time. We also finishing out the week by going on a QR time hunt! Students went around the room and scanned QR codes which showed the digital time. Students matched the number from the QR code to their recording paper to record the time on the analog clock. They loved this!

Vocabulary: This week we learned about time and had 2 vocabulary words; hour and minute. Throughout the week we learned how to tell time and show times on an analog clock.

iPads: This week students worked with the app Number Bond Blasters. This was a great review for students to determine ways to decompose numbers 1-10.

Content: This week we learned how Zoo animals! This was a fun theme to study the week we took our field trip to the Indianapolis Zoo! We took time to learn specifically about Giraffes and Zebras. At the end of the week we finished our craft and wrote facts about our zoo animal to be displayed in the hallway.

Countdown to Summer:
M- Music Day; we got to dance and listen to music throughout the day!
N- Name Your Favorite Zoo Animal
O- Oreo Day

P- Purple Day

Q- Quiet Day

Reading: Students will...
-Review reading strategies learned this year.

WritingStudents will...
-have opportunities to write a variety of different pieces they have learned throughout the year. 

MathStudents will...
-learn about money. 

ContentStudents will learn about the ocean and ocean animals. 

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