Poem: Planting Seeds
Sight Words: give, want

Comprehension Strategy: Comprehension Strategy: This week we worked on the skill Monitor and Clarify. Readers stop and think if what they are reading makes sense, whether they understand what is happening in the story, or what the selection is about. If meaning breaks down, the reader has strategies to go back and fix it.

Some fix-up strategies readers use (and we have practiced this year):
Go back and reread.
Skip the word and come back.
Cross Check; Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

This week we learned about contractions. A contraction is a word that we've made shorter from 2 words. We started the week off with a poster and song, then practiced throughout the week identifying contractions and making contractions. We ended the week with google slides and wrote the contraction on dry erase boards.

Vocabulary: This week we read the story, "Zinnia's Flower Garden". The words that we added to our expanded vocabulary chart were pesky, inspects, measures, gathers, arrange, and abundant.

iPads: This week students used Pebble Go to learn about plants and then created a video using Adobe Voice to recall information that they have learned.

Writing: During Writer's Workshop students learned about 2 new writing choices including letter writing and cards. We started the week off by reading "Click Clack Moo Cows That Type" and learned that we can use letters to communicate with others. We looked at the parts of a letter and practiced writing a letter of our own. Throughout the week we wrote letters to other friends, teachers, and family. Then we finished the week by learning how to make a card. We practiced writing different cards to others like a Mother's Day card, Birthday card, etc.

Math: We spent the week reviewing math skills that we have learned during the nine weeks. Those skills included addition and subtraction story problems, that we used Doodle Buddy and math tools to review. We also practiced decomposing numbers into 2 ways. After determining the number we used counters and number bonds to show 2 different ways to make the number. We did this using counters and dry erase boards.

iPads: This week students practiced identifying/making numbers and addition and subtraction with the app Moose Math. This is an app they enjoy and helps them with their fluency with math skills.

Content: This week we spent time learning about plants. We started the week by taking a look at the flowers we put in colored water from last week. We examined how the flowers looked and learned why the flowers turned colors from the dye in the water. We also learned about the needs of a plant. We watched a video and read a few nonfiction books that helped explain the needs of a plant.

SEL (Social Emotional Learning): Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This week we talked about growing up. As we are ending the school year we are preparing for a change in grade and other things that happen when we grow up. We started the week off by making a list of things we are looking forward to when we grow up. We also made a list of things we do around the house and other things we should be doing if we aren't already. We ended the week with reading "Oh the Places You'll Go". 

ABC Countdown to Summer:
H- Hats Off Day

I- Ice Cream Day

J- Joke Day
K- Kick Off Your Shoes Day

L- Lollipop Day

Reading: Students will...
-review skills including compare and contrast.
-learn about word endings including -ed and -s.

WritingStudents will...
-learn how to respond to a picture.
-practice writing different choices including letters, cards, lists, and respond to a picture. 

MathStudents will...
-learn about telling time to the nearest hour and half hour. 

ContentStudents will learn about Zoo animals and be able to apply their knowledge of their experience at the zoo! 

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