Color Week

Poem: Little Snail
Sight Words: is, at

Reading: This week we introduced our 4th and final choice during our Daily 5 reading rotations. This choice was Read to Someone. We completed an I-Chart together charting the things that we need to do while reading with a partner. We also talked about how to pick a partner. They did AWESOME the first time building stamina at read to someone!

This week was also the first week for SNAP! SNAP is a game that we play on Fridays for word recognition and reading practice. The container is shaped like an alligator and students take turns pulling out a card with a sight word, word family word, or (right now; letters).

Now that we have practiced building stamina for Word Work we were able to add more choices this week. When at Word Work students are practicing making words. Students right now are using an alphabet chart, a class name chart, and sight words to make words. Last week we practiced using a dry erase board, but this week we added so many more choices! One choice is bead words. Students get a box that has letter beads and they build the word by putting letter beads on a pipecleaner.

Another choice is Roll a Sight Word. This is always a class favorite because it contains a dice and everyone's favorite... markers! For this activity students roll a dice and then find the sight word that is under that number. They write the word, then roll the dice again until the entire chart is complete.

A popular choice is also playdoh words. Students use a playdoh mat with letters and words and they use playdoh to form the letters in words.
Magna doodles are very similar to dry erase boards in that they are writing the words, however it is different in how it shows up and is erased. Easy peasy! No other materials are needed!

Writing: This week during writing we continued to learn about a new letter each day with the guidance of our pocket chart and letter song. We practiced tracing the letters then finished with a craft. The letters we focused on this week were: Bb, Pp, Rr, Nn, and Mm. We strung beads on a pipecleaner and made a bracelet for Bb day, we glued popcorn to a Pp, painted a rainbow for Rr, made a Froot Loop necklace for Nn, and finished the week with a Mm headband!

Math: This week our vocabulary word was: rectangular array. We used a google slide to show real life examples of an array. This helped kiddos to better explain what an array was and relate it to real life experiences. We also used math tools to make a rectangular array.
Array Slide

We also worked on recognizing numbers 11-20 and counting out objects. Make sure that you are working with your child at home on this skill! If you didn't get the email, please check out the video below to better familiarize yourself with the verbiage we use in forming numbers!
Number Formation Poems

Content: This week was all about colors! We took it a step further than just recognizing colors, we mixed colors and predicted the outcome. We started off by reading the book "Mouse Paint" and then completed our own book to show the color mix. On Friday we completed our own Pete the Cat and used color words to describe his shoes!


Reading: Students will...
-identify beginning sounds in words.
-use the picture to match the words.
-learn vocabulary words in read alouds.

Writing: Students will...
-work on handwriting by practicing letters Hh, Vv, Yy, and Ww.

Math: Students will...
-learn about 2D shapes (triangle, square, circle, rectangle, and hexagon).

Content: Students will be learning about Mo Willems with their first author study. He is the famous author of the Elephant and Piggie books, Pigeon books, and many more!

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