Poem: We Can
Sight Words: we, can

Reading: This week we learned about print concepts. Print concepts include skills like identifying: the front/back cover of the book, the title page, where to begin reading, a word on the page, a letter on the page, how many words in a sentence, how many letters in a word, etc. This week we focused mainly on front/back cover, title, and title page. These are things that are great to practice at home when reading.

We have also been working so hard at Read to Self and Work on Writing that we were ready to introduce our third choice; Word Work. We first practiced this choice by using dry erase boards to write our letters and classmates' names. Later next week students will have the opportunity to learn how to do word work through other choices including playdoh, magna doodles, wiki sticks, letter beads, and more!
Letter names and sounds are also a big skill that we are working at mastering! Make sure that you are also working with your child at home so that they can recognize all letters (lowercase and capital) and the sounds each letter makes. This will help as we begin diving into books and reading the words on each page! Check out this video to help!
Writing: This week in writing we worked at writing the letters Ss, Uu, Ij, and Qq. As always we complete our letter chart, sing/watch our letter song, practice writing the capital and lowercase letter, and finish with a letter craft. We had lots of fun this week with our letters, especially when we decorated underpants for the letter Uu day!

Math: This week our math vocabulary word was Number Line. I modeled again how to enter a new vocabulary word into book creator and students recorded their explanation on dry erase boards. We wrote the word and showed using a picture what the word meant. We then brought out the number lines and practiced finding numbers on the number line. We also discussed which numbers came before and after on the number line.

We also worked on recognizing numbers 0-10. On Tuesday we used dry erase boards and the app Doodle Buddy. After modeling the app, students came up one at a time to also model writing a number, the number word, and illustrating that number by using the stamps. The rest of the class used dry erase boards to do the same task.

On Thursday we used a tens frame to show numbers 0-10. This is a skill that we work on everyday during calendar to show the number of days we have been in school. It was great practice! 

Content: This week we spent time learning about each of our families. Each kiddo brought in a family picture and were given the opportunity to share who was in the picture and what they enjoy doing with their family. After each kiddo shared then they brought their picture over to a bookshelf in the room where we placed their family picture. This is the first year that we have kept our family pictures in the room all year and it has quickly became my favorite spot in the classroom! We also talked about how families are different and all special.

Extra: This week we introduced the last bits of our flexible seating! Everyone was so excited to finally have the scoop seats and bath rugs as options during our reading rotations. These options are available to anyone who chooses to use them during reading. However, they will also be available at other times during the school day once we get into a more consistent schedule.

Reading: Students will...
-practice more options of word work.
-start using iPads during rotations. (Make sure your child has returned their contract so they can use the iPad.)

Writing: Students will...
-learn how to write the following letters: Bb, Mm, Nn, and Rr. 

Math: Students will...
-learn and be able to explain the term rectangular array. Students will count out objects to make a rectangular array. 

Content: Students will learn and explore color mixtures next week. We will use a class favorite (Pete the Cat) to use as a concluding craft!

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