Poem: My Apple
Sight Words: look, it

Reading: This week we worked on rhyming words. We discuss how rhyming words are words that sound the same because they end the same way. We introduced rhyming with the word families -at and -ag. We developed a list of words that belonged to each word family. Words included cat, hat, mat, fat, rat, sat, and bat. Words in the -ag word family include: bag, sag, nag, rag, tag, wag, zag, etc.

Determining the difference between fantasy and reality was another skill that we worked on this week. We used a powerpoint to show examples with pictures of things that were not real (fantasy) and things that were real (reality). We used this knowledge to then sort books on another day. They were great at this!

We also worked on a comprehension strategy called Check for Understanding. When we practice this skill we stop while reading to make sure we understand what we read/heard. We often will stop and say aloud "Check for Understanding". Students will then answer a question I have about the book or simply respond when I ask, "What just happened?!"

At the end of the week we learned how to "shop" for books in our classroom library. We discussed our reading levels and where to find Good Fit books from the leveled library. We also learned how books were organized so that we could choose fun books to read the pictures as well. All kiddos were able to switch out their books and choose Good Fit books. We were excited but bummed we have to wait until Monday to dive into all those good books!

Writing: This was our final week of handwriting!! We finished with the letters Xx, Kk, and Zz!

Math: This week we were learning about 2D shapes! We made a chart showing each shape and the characteristics of each. Then we practiced making 2D shapes with toothpicks and marshmallows. This is always a favorite activity because of the yummy tasting that concludes the learning. We also spent a day sorting shapes and discussed how we look for similar shapes to put in a pile together.

Our vocabulary word for the week was a combination of side and corner. This was perfect in talking about the characteristics of 2D shapes. A side is a flat edge of a shape. A corner is the point where 2 sides meet.

We also started Math with Someone. We completed our I-chart while discussing what this choice should look like and sound like. For this choice we added The Shape Race game. Students get their materials which contain a game board, shape cards, and 2 movers. Students take turns pulling a card out of the bag. They have to count the sides on the shape in order to move on the board. For example if a student pulled a triangle out, they would move their piece 3 spots. They love this! We also added geoboard shapes to Math by Myself. Students maneuver rubber bands to form 2D shapes.

Content: This week we spent the week learning about apples. We started by completing a tree map of what we were learning about apples. On Tuesday we used apples we brought in to investigate what the apple looked like and tasted like to write an adjective (descriptive word) about apples. On Wednesday we labeled an apple and talked about each part of an apple. On Thursday we painted a paper plate red for a craft that we finished on Friday describing an apple. We also tasted many apple treats including apple pie, apple sauce, and apple juice. The majority loved the apple juice the most!

iPads: This week we did a lot of new things with the ipads including learning how to scan a QR code within a book to listen to a read aloud, we completed our first week of recap on our own, and we tried out a new math app called "Animal Math".

Reading: Students will...
-Name characters within a story.
-identify beginning and ending sounds.
-produce words in -an word family.

Writing: Students will...
-Begin Writer's Workshop!

Math: Students will...
-learn about subitizing.
-review skills including 1:1 correspondence, recognize and sort shape, and recognize numbers 0-20.

Content: Students will be studying pumpkins. We will share many great pumpkin read alouds and learn the about the life cycle of a pumpkin!

We are beginning Report Card Testing! Please check the resources tab to review the skills that will be tested the first 9 weeks. Any additional help at home is greatly appreciated!

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