Ornament Day

This was our short week before Christmas break, but nonetheless so much fun! We did a lot of reviewing of skills that were taught already and had a lot of fun with our content and preparing for break.

We had our Ornament Day where we invite our family to come into our class and bring materials to make ornaments. After our celebration in the afternoon students are able to bring home with them the ornaments that they hand made. It is fun to watch and I hope families enjoy the handcrafted final products. Take a look at the ornaments that were made this year!

We also had fun making reindeer food. Reindeer food is to help Santa find our house the night of Christmas Eve. We mix some oats, sweet green sugar, and a touch of red sparkles to make this magical treat. They are so excited with the end product!

We also had fun writing CVC words on paper ornaments in the morning of Ornament Day. This is a big skill that we have been working on this nine weeks. Students listened to 3 letter words and wrote the sounds that they heard.

We also had our behavior celebration on the last day of school where students who earned 85% or higher of positive behavior were able to go to Purdue University and watch a basketball game. They had so much fun watching the first part of the game and seeing Purdue Pete and the cheerleaders. Here are a few pictures from our day!

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