Grinch Week

Poem: Did You Ever See?
Sight Words: did, you

Reading: This week we generated a list and blended words that belong to the -op word family. We also read the book, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" and added the following words to the vocabulary chart: flue, beneath, sneer, mistletoe, ramshackle, and humbly. We did our vocabulary review by making a book using Book Creator of our sneers. They had so much fun!

Writing: This week in writing we started by talking about complete vs. incomplete sentences. We used these charts to explain what characteristics a complete sentence has and then we sorted sentences that were pre-made on sticky notes. Students sometimes struggle with only adding one part of their sentence. For example instead of writing "I see my mom", they might write "My mom". We talked about how we don't know what it is about mom that we are supposed to be reading and how we need to add more.

Students have also started writing their books in Book Creator. Instead of taking a picture they are using the text tool to write their sentences and the pen tool to draw their pictures. Examples to come soon!

Math: This week our vocabulary word was length. Students described the word length by using longer and shorter. We explored measurement by measuring length and weight this week through a variety of activities. Students worked together with a partner to measure strips of paper and determined which one longer and which was shorter then glued on their chart.

We used scales to measure items around the room. We compared which item was heavier and which was lighter. We then used cubes to measure how heavy a certain item is. They did great working together and figuring out how to make the scale balanced.

Content: This week was Grinch Week! All week we geared up for a celebration on Friday that included wearing green, watching the original "How the Grinch Stole Christmas", and enjoying green sugar cookies and juice! Throughout the week and on Friday we did a lot of other fun things that helped with our comprehension of the story and was just a fun culmination of everything green!

After reading the story, we played a game called "Punch a Bunch". Students were encouraged to come up and hit their hand through a cup covered with green tissue paper. In the cup was a question about the book. Students took turns coming up and answering the question.

We also took time to describe the Grinch at the beginning of the story and the end. We discussed how the Grinch changed from the beginning to the end. We also brainstormed a list of ways to make the Grinch grin. This was for our writing portion of the craft we did on Friday. Students came up with everything from take him to a bounce house to give him a hug.

On Friday, students were greeted with a green sign hanging down and green table cloths on the tables. They even found that the Grinch had turned the drippy glue GREEN! We then used the green drippy glue to trace sight words that have been introduced throughout the year. As the word was said aloud students were encouraged to trace that word.

Hour of Code: This week we participated in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a movement that is making it's way into thousands of schools around the world to help kids understand computer science. On Wednesday we participated and spent an hour exploring and creating code. We used the apps Kodable and Scratch Jr. They had so much fun exploring and learning about code!

SEL: This week we talked about kindness. We started the week by reading "How Full is Your Bucket". We talked about how if we are kind it fills others' bucket. However, when we are mean to others it makes their bucket empty. We also sorted short stories into kind and unkind acts. Later in the week we took a paper heart and as a story was told I ripped the heart and talked about how each mean thing hurt the boy's heart and feelings. We put the heart back together as we talked about kind things we could do, but also said that the heart is still ripped and the boy is still hurt because those things were said.


Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ot word family.
-retell story.

Writing: Students will...
-review true stories and complete end of the unit writing assessment.
-write letters to Santa.

Math: Students will...
-reivew numbers with stocking numbers.
-review length with christmas tree strips.
-explore/review 2D shapes with holiday tangrams.

Content: Students will be reading and learning about the Polar Express.

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