End of the Year

Dear Parents,

It is the end of the school year... the closing of one door and opening of a new door. It has been a privilege to have had your son/daughter in my class this year and I hope for nothing but the best for them as they continue to grow and learn.

I want to thank each kiddo for the memories and learning that we shared this year. I appreciate the hard work that was put forth and the willingness to work with others. As I send you onto first grade I hope you are respectful, are respected, are kind, make new friends, keep old friends, take healthy risks, read often, play often, use your imagination, and always do your best.

As parents, I want to thank you for helping your child learn the importance of responsibility and hard work. Thank you for taking the time to show your child the importance of homework and reading at home. Thank you for pushing them to be the best that they can be. Thank you for signing behavior calendars, volunteering items for class functions, giving up your time for back to school night and Parent Universities. Your time matters and is appreciated!!

As you prepare for the fun and craziness that summer is, cherish these moments with your 6 year old. Read with them, play with them and explore with them. You mean the world to them!

Thank you,

Mrs. Keller

Below is the full video that I had shared on Instagram. Here are just a few things that we loved about kindergarten this year!

Week in Review: Zoo

Poem: Sitting in a Tree
Sight Words: when, where

Reading: This week we spent the week reviewing. We compared and contrasted between and within stories. We talked about how stories are the same and different and then we compared characters within the same book.

A new skill that was introduced was l blends. We watched a video about blends and then listed a variety of words with a l blend.

We introduced new vocabulary words including:
  • rumbled
  • valley
  • bellowed
  • dingy
  • waiters
  • weary

Writing: This week we finished our final writing unit. Students wrote their end of the unit persuasive/opinion paper to show what they have learned during the unit. We then began to introduce different choices. We first introduced a list. We brainstormed things we could make a list of and then practiced writing a list. Students used a paper copy to write their list and the notes app on the iPad. We also talked about how to write a letter and card on Friday. We discussed the parts of a letter and wrote a practice letter to Mr. Wilson. Students can write letters to other students, teachers, family, and friends.

Math: We also reviewed math skills this week. We worked specifically on counting on to find the missing addend to equal 10. We also

Content: This week we learned all about zoo animals. We spent time learning specifically about giraffes, zebras, elephants, and lions. During each animal study we labeled the animal and listed facts about where they live, what they have, and what they eat. On Friday we completed a craft on zebras and giraffes by drawing a picture and listing 3 facts. We then made a craft that went with our mini report.

Throughout the week we worked on projects using the apps: adobe voice and pic collage. Students used adobe voice to tell others about a zoo animal and pic collage to label a zoo animal. We also used popplet to create a list of facts about an animal that we learned about from pebble go.Check out some of the projects below!

ABC Countdown to Summer: This week we celebrated with letters k, l, m, n, and o. We "k"icked our shoes off on Monday. We had "l"ollipops on Tuesday during our reading block. We listened to "m"usic all day on Wednesday. We changed our "n"ames on Thursday, and on Friday we enjoyed oreos!

We also had Mother's Day that we celebrated and prepared for. Students thought of why they loved their mom and we took pictures. Students then took their picture and decorated a frame and made a card to give their mom as well. Here are all of their pictures!

Reading: Students will...
-learn about words with 2 vowels.

Writing: Students will...
-learn how to respond to a picture.
-review writing choices.

Math: Students will...
-review math skills taught this school year

Content: Students will..
-learn about the ocean and animals that are found in the ocean.

May 10: Zoo Field Tip
May 16: Kindergarten Graduation @ 10 am
May 17: Field Day (wear tennis shoes)
May 19: Talent Show @ 1:15
May 20: Last Day of School