Week in Review: Fairy Tales

Poem: The Elephant Goes Like This
Sight Words: he, no

Reading: This week we introduced the skill: cause and effect. We first talked about different effects from things around us. For example if it rains and we have not umbrella the effect is we are wet. If the cause is it rains, the effect is a rainbow appears. If the cause is we trip, the effect is we are hurt. We then used the book, " If you Give a Pig a Pancake" to talk about some of the many cause and effect situation found within. For example because the pig got a pancake she then wanted syrup to go with it. Another book we used for Fairy Tale week was, "The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig". The kiddos loved this rendition of the original 3 Little Pigs. Together we came up with the ending cause and effect for the story.

This week we learned which words belong to the -et and -ip word families. We watched our presentation of words then listed them on our caterpillar. Some of these words include but not limited to; jet, wet, let, lip, slip, rip, and skip.

Vocabulary: Our vocabulary words this week included "blizzards" and "impossible". On our review day we took these words a little further and took a video of a real life blizzard that we were experiencing! We also talked about the word impossible. Swimming in a blizzard is impossible because the water would be frozen. Students drew a quick sketch of something that is impossible. We had lots of different things including: ice skating in the summer, driving on water, and flowers growing in the water.

Writing: We learned about plurals on Monday! Students learned that a plural is when we are talking about more than one thing. When we write about more than one we add s to the end of the word. We watched a short video then completed our chart together. The kiddos caught on to this concept really fast!

This week we took our informational writing to the next level. We used a website called Pebble Go to research a topic. Once students have chosen a topic they have multiple tabs they can chose to learn about their topic in which the information is read to them. There are also videos and sometimes sounds of their topic (if it is an animal). Students go with a partner and researched a common topic. They began writing on their planning page.

Math: This week we introduced a new skill: determining which number is great than, less than, and equal to. We started off the week by discussing these words and adding them to our math vocabulary board. Students spent the week adding and describing these words in their math vocabulary journal. Then we worked each day on comparing numbers by using manipulatives.

Another day we decided to get up and moving and "eat" the bigger numbers. Students pretended to eat the bigger number than use their words to communicate with the class which number was greater and less than.

The following video was one that we showed at the beginning of the week to get us on track!

Content: This week we learned all about Fairy Tales! This is such a fun week for the kiddos! We started the week by talking about what a fairy tale is and what is included in most fairy tales. Each day of the week we worked a little bit on writing our own fairy tale. Together as a class we filled in our planning page and voted on each part. Then on Friday we wrote our fairy tale and as a class made a book using Book Creator. Take a look at our book below!

We also used empty milk cartons to use for our 3 Little Pigs activity on Friday. Students used each side of the milk carton to glue something on. First was a picture of the book we read, second they used yellow paper to look like straw, third they used brown paper to look like sticks, and last they used red paper to look like bricks. After completing each side they got with their iPad partner and recorded themselves retelling the story of the 3 Little Pigs. After recording they uploaded their video to Google Classroom. This was great practice for recording with the iPad.

We also spent time one day reading Jack and the Beanstalk. As a class we read a letter from the Hiant and used his big footprints to measure things around the room!

Our week ended with our Fairy Tale Ball. Students were paired together to enter the gym and learn about different dances. Students learn how to bow and curtsy, dance a box step, and walk a grape vine. Students danced as they listened to classic Disney fairy tale songs. At the conclusion of our ball students from all grade levels gathered in the hallway as the entire kindergarten paraded around the square waving elegantly. We were lucky enough to have Queen Cauble and King Wilson lead us in the parade!

Next week students will be working to complete the CogAT test. This is a test that is standard for all kindergartners in the Tippecanoe School Corporation. It is a fill in the bubble assessment that we complete as a class and will help determine what students might fall into the gifted and talented program in the future. This is not something that you can prepare for and something that shouldn't be stressed over. We will break up each test with a small break and will do the tests over the course of the entire week. During the week you can help by doing the following:
-make sure your child gets plenty of sleep at night (at least 8 hours).
-gets a good breakfast in the morning.
-make sure mornings are smooth by having things laid out the night before (backpack, clothes, shoes, etc.).

They will do great! :) 

Reading: Students will...
-learn words that belong to the -ake word family.
-review main idea.
-review retelling a story (using beginning, middle, and end).

Writing: Students will...
-learn about the bossy e.
-finish up uncompleted informational books. 

Math: Students will...
-review a variety of skills including subtraction and greater than/less than.

Content: Students will...
-learn about Dr. Seuss and have so much fun exploring his many books. Please take a look at the yellow paper that went home Friday as reference to how your child should participate each day. Monday have them bring their favorite stuffed animal to school to go along with the story, "If I Ran the Zoo".

Upcoming Events:
February 29: ABC of Ag Day @ McCutcheon
February 26: K-2 Movie Matinee
March 11: End of 3rd 9 Weeks

Week in Review: President's Day

Poem: My Little Sister
Sight Words: she, all

Reading: This week students worked on opposites by using the app popplet. Students used a paper with pictures. They wrote that word in a popple and then wrote the opposite of the word in an adjoining popple. When they were finished they brainstormed and wrote more opposites on their own.

This week we used book creator to review 2 of our vocabulary words from earlier in the week. The words were peered and glided. Students took a picture of the vocabulary word then recorded their partner explaining the word and acting it out.

Writing: This week we learned what gets a capital letter. We already know that the first letter in a sentence gets a capital but there are more things that need a capital. We used the chart to review the different words that need a capital letter.

Students used nonfiction books to learn information about a topic. They then got a planning page and wrote their 3 facts. This was a great way for students to explore their topic a little more and add more information to their book.

Math: This week students continued practicing subtraction. We reviewed subtraction with using a variety of strategies. One day we practiced subtraction by using a number line. We also used math manipulatives to practice taking away. The last way is to draw a picture. Students practiced drawing a picture on the ipads using the app Doodle Buddy. Students had fun being able to choose their picture and use the ipad for this skill.

Our math vocabulary this week was subtract and minus. Students used words and pictures to explain the words in their math journal. After writing their math vocabulary words they completed the extra subtraction practice page.

Content: This week we talked about presidents. We started the week off by watching a president video and talking about who the current president is. After talking about the current president we discussed that the White House is where the president lives. We used Google Earth to explore rooms inside the White House. (Everyone thought this was SO cool!) We then talked about the current election and the candidates. After reading Duck for President we held our own election and students had to decide if they wanted to vote for duck to run the classroom or Mrs. Keller. Lucky for me, I can keep teaching! :)

We continued the week talking about Abraham Lincoln and made a popplet with information we learned. On Friday we completed our Abe Lincoln craft.

Reading: Students will...
-learn about cause and effect.
-learn -ip and -et words.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about how to make a noun plural by adding -s.
-learn about PebbleGO and how to use it when writing an informational book.

Math: Students will...
-learn about greater than, less than, and equal to using manipulatives.
-Math vocab: greater than, less than, equal.

Content: Students will...
-be exploring many different fairy tales. They will learn what makes a fairy tale then have fun activities that compliment a variety of fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, The 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella, and many more! On Friday we will end our week by having a Fairy Tale Ball. Students are encouraged to dress like their favorite fairy tale character and will learn different kinds of dancing. It will be loads of fun!

February 25: ABC's of Ag Day @ McCutcheon
February 26: Fairy Tale Ball
February 26: K-2 Movie Matinee
March 11: End of 3rd 9 Weeks

Week in Review: Valentine's Day

Poem: Come Skating
Sight Words: good, said

Reading: This week we learned about opposites. We watched a fun video teaching us about opposites and giving lots of examples. We then told our partner what an opposite is with an example of our own.

We also took time this week to talk about the strategy back up and reread. This is a strategy that helps us a readers understand what we just read. If we don't understand what we read then we want to start over and read the page again.

We also worked on retelling the story using the beginning, middle, and end. We made a class book on book creator to show the beginning, middle, and end of the story we read aloud. We started by taking a picture at the beginning of a page at the beginning of the story, wrote a sentence, and recorded a description about what happened at the beginning of the story. We did the same thing for middle and end of the story. Check out our class book!

We had vocabulary words this week that were related to sounds. We used a premade book in book creator to listen to the sounds and then brainstorm other things in real life that make those sounds. The kids were able to successfully explain these sounds and give an example to their partner.

Writing: This week we talked about a label and how labels can help teach our readers more about a topic. We practiced labeling a picture of a cat then used a pre-made book to label the picture as a class.

We learned about text features! We talked about different text features that we see in books and writing, then students were asked to point out text features that they saw in the book, "The Pigeon Wants a Hot Dog". The kids found LOTS! We then added a text feature to our book from the previous day and brainstormed ways they could go back and add text features.

Math: This week our vocabulary word was length. Students wrote in their math writing journal the word length and the words shorter and longer. They drew pictures of things that were long and short.

We also learned about subtraction. The kids met Linus the Minus. He is a naughty lad that takes away numbers. We started the week by crossing off a picture to show the subtraction sentence. Then we used math tools to show the subtraction problem. Then we introduced a new game called SMASH IT! Students make playdoh balls and then smash the number that we're taking away. They loved it! This is an activity that we'll be adding to math by myself next week.

Content: This week was all about Valentine's Day. We started the week by sorting valentine m&m's and charting our results on a paper. Then we made our valentine day bags that our valentines will go in. They were so creative!

Reading: Students will...
-practice 2 new word families:

Writing: Students will...
-continue writing informational books.
-practice putting a title page on their books in book creator.

Math: Students will...
-continue learning and practicing subtraction.

Content: Students will...
-learn about presidents. Students will learn who the president is as well as past presidents. They will also practice voting and learn how a president is elected. Keeping politics fun!


Week in Review: Dental Health

Poem: Hide and Seek
Sight Words: play, make

Reading: This week we worked on retelling a story using beginning, middle, and end. This is a comprehension skill that allows us to assess if we understand what we read. This is a great way to check for understanding even at home! After reading a story, ask your child "What happened at the beginning of the story?" "What happened in the middle of the story?" "What happened after that; in the end of the story?"

We learned words that belong to 2 new word families! The -ug and -ub word families were introduced and we talked more about rhyming words. After watching a video we listed words that we heard in each word family. These words include but are not limited to bug, dug, slug, rug, mug, jug, tub, cub, sub, and stub.

This week we explored the word: information. In the story, "Dear Mr. Blueberry" the little girl was writing to her teacher asking for information about whales. We knew the word information from writer's workshop where right now we are writing information books. Students learned that information means facts about a topic. We then used pictures to talk about ways we can learn information about a topic. These included reading, TV, talking/listening to someone, and using the computer.

Writing: This week we worked on starting a new information book when we are finished with the one we were working on. The teacher modeled choosing a new topic and writing a fact on each page, with a total of 3 topics. At the end of the week the teacher modeled how to write a feeling ending in order to end the writing. We also reviewed how to add our stories to Book Creator. The exciting change this week was that students were encouraged to draw their picture and write their words in Book Creator instead of just taking a picture. Check out this book!

Math: This week the vocabulary word was: count on. This means that students are able to start counting from any given number. If the number 16 is said aloud they start by saying 16, 17, 18, 19.... We practiced this after writing this word in our math writing notebook.

We also learned about measurement. We talked about length and how things can be shorter and longer. We used things around the room to compare the length like a marker and crayon, HOOT LOOT and a glue stick, etc. We also talked about weight and how we can compare things of different weight. We used the scales for this lesson and the kids LOVED it! We first watched a video and compared items that are heavier and lighter than an elephant. Then we used the scale to find things in the room that are heavier and lighter than a marker.

We also added a new math with someone game! Students take turns drawing 2 cards that show tens frames. They have to find a match to a teen number in front of them. For example if they draw a card with a full tens frame (10) and a tens frame with 3 (3) they would match it to the number 13.

Content: This week we learned all about dental health. We talked about how it is important to take care of our body, but it is also important to take care of our teeth. We started out the week by watching some videos about dental health, dentist visits, and a field trip to the dentist office! This helped build some background knowledge to get the week going. We also took a day to look through magazines to find things that were good/bad for our teeth. After finding things we cut them out and glued them on a tooth with a smile (for good) and a frown (for bad). We also had Mrs. Ladeburg come visit to talk about dental health. She works at a dentist office and was able to show us the right way to brush our teeth. She also showed us some x-rays of her teeth and read a good teeth book! On Friday we ended the week by making a list of things that we can do to take care of our teeth. After writing one way to take care of our teeth we used marshmallows to make our smile. This was a yummy craft as some kiddos were able to sneak some extra marshmallows!

We also made our predictions for Groundhog's Day on Monday. The majority was right on their prediction!


Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -am and un word family.
-learn how to use the strategy: back up and reread.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about verbs through Vicky Verb.
-continue writing informational books.

Math: Students will...
-examine length.
-compare things that are longer and shorter.
-learn about subtraction.

Content: Next week we will be celebrating Valentine's Day! We will be having fun with a candy heart experiment, sorting colored m&m's, and having our party on Friday. Please make sure that your child brings 21 valentines for others in the class. Please refrain from writing names on the valentines. The only name should be your child's in the "from" spot.

February 11: Behavior Celebration "Inside Out"
February 12: Valentine's Party
February 15: NO SCHOOL
February 18: Family Fitness Night 6-7:30
February 25: ABC's of Ag
February 26: K-2 Movie Night