Week in Review: Spiders/Halloween

Poem: I am Me
Sight Words: come, me

Reading: We worked on identifying the middle sound in words this week. We did this a variety of ways including rolling a picture dice and sorting using picture cards.

We also introduced a new comprehension strategy: Analyze characters within a story. We do this by first identifying the main character and then discussing what we know about them. How does he/she feel in the story, what does he/she look like, what does he/she do in the story.

Writing: This week we worked on stretching out unknown words. We know how to spell sight words, but there are other words we want to write, but aren't sure how to spell them. When this happens we teach students to stretch out the word and write every sound they hear. We practiced this skill on dry erase boards as a whole class. We then used the app, educreations to stretch out words. We used pictures related to fall like pumpkin pie and monster to use to stretch out. Check out our educreation project that we completed as a class!

Math: We introduced 3D shapes! These are different than 2D shapes in many ways. Students will need to be able to name each shape and give a real life example. This week we watched the 3D shape video, we completed the 3D shape chart together, and we sorted picture cards of 3D shapes.

Content: We learned all about spiders this week. We started out the week by scanning QR codes that brought us to videos about spiders. After learning a little bit about spiders we completed a spider tree map. Then we talked about webs and made webs with glue and glitter. On Friday we made spider hats as a fun way to end the week before Halloween.

Grandparents Day: This week we were lucky enough to have our grandparents visit and spend an hour with us. Students were able to rotate around to different stations with their grandparents. Check out all the pictures to see how much fun was had! 

Reading: Students will...
- compare and contrast between books and within books.
- blend words.

Writing: Students will...
- begin writing true stories. We will talk about how true stories are about something that happened to us. In our 3 page book, we need to write who, where, and what. Look back next week to learn more about narrative writing!

Math: Students will....
- learn about the story of's. We will complete the story of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each story shows the ways to make that number, which will help with understanding of number bonds and addition that we will introduce later. 

Content: Students will...
-learn all about bats. This will be our introductory week of nocturnal animals.

Upcoming Events:
-November 5 & 6: Donuts with Dad
-November 19: Parent University
-November 26-27: Thanksgiving Break

Week in Review: Fall/Leaves

Poem: Here Am I
Sight Word: am

Reading: This week students worked on middle sounds a variety of times. We wrote the missing middle sound on cards, we rolled a dice and said the middle sound of the picture and much more! You can help your child at home by encouraging them to stretch out all the sounds they hear in words. These words of course will have more than 3 sounds, but this will be a skill that we will get to soon and will link with their writing.

We have also been working on the reading strategy: sequencing. Sequencing is when we put the story back in order. This is similar to retelling the story; what happened in the beginning, middle, and end. We used the story "We're Going on a Leaf Hunt" and used picture cards of the setting to retell the story. (The setting is where the characters are; which is a 2nd 9 weeks skills.) There were many different settings in the story and they were so successful in putting the story in order.

We have been identifying text features in books for the last few weeks. When working with a few kiddos this week, they found a few different text features on their own! They were so excited!

Writing: This week our goal was to start our sentences with words other than "I". Each day we wrote a sentence using a different word including: the, we, and a. On Thursday we talked about how important the word wall is to our writing. Sight words (word wall words) are words that we just need to know because they we cannot always sound them out. We used a process where we take a mental picture to visually look at the sight word and remember it to use in our writing.

Math: This week we started Math Writing. We started this whole group but will be a choice added to math with someone and math by myself in a few weeks. For math writing, students write the math vocabulary word for that week and draw a picture of what that word means. This week the word was circle. After putting the vocabulary word in their journal, students then turn the page over and complete a number of the day. Students did great the first time!

We also started our calendar journals this week. Students are independently filling their calendar journal as we complete calendar together. They mark the month, day of the week, year, date in numbers, how many days we've been in school and what the weather is like for the day.

Content: This week we talked about the season fall and had lots of fun finding and investigating leaves! We started by completing a chart about fall; listing the months in fall, what clothes you wear, what activities you partake in, and the weather. We then went on a leaf hunt and found lots of different leaves. With our leaves we investigated by recording the size and color.


Reading: Students will...
-analyze characters. This means we're going to dive deeper into what we know about the characters and how they may be the same or different from each other.

Writing: Students will...
-learn how to write the middle sound in words. Students will be encouraged to stretch out their words and write those sounds.

Math: Students will...
-be introduced to 3D shapes. We'll explain what makes 3D shapes different from 2D shapes and list some real life examples.

Content: Students will...
-learn about spiders. Students will use QR codes to learn about spiders through videos, we will talk about webs and much more! This week we will also have the opportunity to read lots of Halloween books!

Upcoming Events:
October 23-27: Fall Break
October 28: Picture Re-takes
October 30: Grandparent's Day 10-11 am
November 5 & 6: Donuts with Dad
November 19: Parent University

Week in Review: Fire Safety

Poem: Come and Listen
Sight Word: to

Reading: This week during reading we worked hard at identifying the middle sound in unknown words. We used words such as lip, jet, and pot. We first say the word, say it slowly, then break it up even slower so that we can hear the middle sound. This is an important skill that students will use to read words in their leveled readers and in writing when they are writing down the sounds they hear in words.

Text features were also introduced this week. Text features are things found within a book that make it different than the rest of the text. These things include but aren't limited to: bold words, table of contents, labels, headings, highlighted words, captions, and a glossary. We worked on identifying text features in stories that we read this week.

This week we also reviewed the very important skill of retelling a story. When doing this we state who the characters were, where the setting was, and what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story.

Writing: This week we practiced putting a/the in front of words. Instead of writing "I see s" students write "I see the s". We practiced this skill for a few days, then started practicing writing the beginning and ending sounds for unknown words. For the word sun, students write the beginning and ending sounds and write "sn". This was modeled through teacher writing examples, and practiced while using picture cards.

Math: We focused on recognizing numbers 11-20 this week. Each day we focused on 3 numbers. We practiced writing the number, writing the number word, and drawing a picture of the number. Towards the end of the week students went on a QR code hunt to find numbers 11-20. When they scanned a QR code they then wrote that number on the dry erase board and drew a picture of that number. They had so much fun with their first QR code hunt!

Content: This week we talked about fire safety. We started the week by watching a video of a real life firefighter. He showed us his gear and told us what he sounded like with his mask on. He also taught us some other really important stuff about how to stop, drop, and roll and what things that can start a fire that we should avoid. During the week we made a firetruck using shapes, talked about our fire safety plan at home, and completed our fire safety dog craft. We learned so much about fire safety this week!


Reading: Students will...
-work on sequencing (which means retelling a story).
-identify and produce middle sounds in words.

Writing: Students will...
-use words instead of "I" to start each sentence. Students will use words like the and we. 
-practice taking a mental picture of sight words.

Math: Students will...
-begin math writing.
-practice counting to 50.

Content: Students will...
-learn all about the season fall. We will go on a leaf hunt and talk about the way leaves change within each season.

Upcoming Events:
October 19 & 21: Parent Teacher Conferences
October 23-26: Fall Break

Week in Review: Community Helpers

Poem: Here Are My Eyes
Sight Word: can

Reading: This week we worked on identifying the setting in a story. The setting is WHERE the characters are. We are working on being detailed and not just saying the characters were inside or outside, but outside at the park, in a classroom at a school, or in the kitchen at the house.

We also worked on identifying the middle sound. This requires students to stretch out words and say each sound slowly. We used picture cards to practice this skill as well as an educreation project that the teachers made. The kids did great whole group on this tough skills.

We also worked on retelling a story. We used picture cards from our reading series to retell the story, "Please Puppy Please". The kids did a great job of remembering what happened 1st, 2nd. 3rd, and last.

Writing: This week we moved on from labeling to writing an "I like" sentence. On Friday we introduced adding a "I see" sentence. Students use the sight words "I like" then write the beginning sound for what they drew in their picture. My picture was of the pumpkin patch, so I modeled this skill by writing, "I like p."

Math: We added Math with Someone this week during math. We started by adding the Shape Race Game as an option to do with a friend. For this game students have a board with pieces to move from each space. They pull out a shape and then move their piece the number of sides for that shape. They take turns until someone has reached the finish line.

We also added a choice to Math by Myself that was counting out a set number of objects. Students had a few cards 2-10 and counters. They had to pull out a card and count out that many with the counters.

Content: This week we focused on community helpers. Students share their "What I Want to Be" person during the week and we had a few community helpers come and visit our school! On Friday we made our craft with our picture and a community helper body. On the white background we drew the setting (which we have been working on) for where that community helper would be to do their job.

Homework Club was celebrated once again for the month of September! Remember if your child completes ALL their homework for the month they get to eat lunch in the classroom, while watching a movie! Homework includes: coloring the pages and circling the sight word on EVERY page in the sight word book, having a parent sign every night on the poem, and completing the sight word page.


Reading: Students will...
-learn about and point out text features in books.
-identify fiction and nonfiction.
-produce middle sounds.

Writing: Students will...
-Use a/the in their sentence. (ex. I see a __.)
-Write 2 sentences on a page.
-Use beginning and ending sounds for unknown words.

Math: Students will...
-be recognizing and working with numbers 11-20.

Content: Students will...
-be talking about fire safety. Please look on Monday for the fire escape plan that will be sent home with your child. This needs to be returned by Thursday so students can share with the class what they discovered about fire safety at their home!

Upcoming Events:
-October 13: Pink Walrus Night
-October 19 & 21: Parent Teacher Conferences
-October 22: Awards Program

Week in Review: Pumpkins

Poem: We Can
Sight Word: we

Reading: This week we focused on identifying characters within a story. We discussed who characters are and made an anchor chart together using pictures of our favorite storybook characters.

We also worked on identifying beginning and ending sounds in words.

It was so much fun to use the iPads during reading this week too. We used one of our vocabulary words, job, to create a document on educreations. Students took a picture of someone in the office and came back to the room to finish. They labeled their job with beginning sounds and recorded themselves explaining their job. This interactive task was so much fun for the kiddos.

Writing: We finally started Writer's Workshop this week! We talked about what Writer's Workshop looked liked and sounded like while making our smiley face chart. After discussing how writer's workshop goes each day, we then talked about other writing tools we might need and resources found around the room. This week we brainstormed a list of things we can write about and started by drawing a picture and labeling the picture with the beginning sound.

Math: This week in math we introduced our first math vocabulary word: sort. We talked about the word sort and how it meant putting things that are the same together. We used Christian and Abby as an example and explained if we were sorting by gender they would be in different groups because Christian is a boy and Abby is a girl. We practiced sorting by color one day and shape during mini lessons and added "Sort by Color" to math by myself.

Content: We learned all about pumpkins! We started the week by using the app educreations to list all of the things we know about pumpkins. We then colored pictures of the lifecycle of a pumpkin and made a lifecycle mobile. On Friday we read, "Spookley, the Square Pumpkin", and the kiddos made different shaped pumpkins. What a fun week!

Field Trip: We went on our first field trip to the pumpkin patch this week! On Wednesday we went to Exploration Acres and got to pick a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. This was a great trip since we spent the week learning about pumpkins. Not only did the kids go to the pumpkin patch there were corn mazes and other fun activities to do.


Reading: Students will...
-clap words in a sentence.
-discuss setting and identify the setting in stories.
-blend 3 letter words and identify middle sounds.

Writing: Students will...
-add more to their picture.
-write an "I like" sentence using a beginning sound for the item they like. (ex. I like p. For the sentence I like pizza.)
-practice using shapes to draw pictures.

Math: Students will...
-begin choosing Math with Someone as a choice.

Content: Students will...
-talk about community helpers and explore all the different community helpers out there. Students will be given the opportunity to make their own community helper and share with their class. There will be a variety of community helpers who will come and talk to the kids about their job and how they help others.

Upcoming Events:
October 9: K-2 Movie Night
October 13: MME Pink Walrus Night
October 19 & 21: Parent/Teacher Conferences
October 22: Awards Program