Week in Review: Apples

Poem: Down by the Station
Sight word: see

Reading: This week students worked on identifying the ending sound in words. We had previously worked on beginning sounds but now are working on ending sounds which can be tricky for some students. We did this through a variety of activities including rolling a dice that landed on a picture. Students then had to produce the ending sound for that word.

We also introduced a new comprehension strategy that was Listen with Understanding. This strategy means that students are actively listening to a story and is able to listen and comprehend what the reader is reading. We practiced this strategy while listening to read aloud during reading and other times during the day.

This was the first week for reading vocabulary! Each week we will read a story that has 6 new vocabulary words that are new to students. We discuss the meaning of each word prior to reading and while reading students are asked to cup their ear when they hear one of those words. (This is also practicing Listen with Understanding.)

Writing: This week we finished our handwriting. We finished with letters Kk and Zz. For k we made crowns for our k kings and for the letter Zz we made z zebras. We've had fun with our letter of the day but are very excited to get started writing narratives next week!

Math: In math this week we worked on recognizing numbers 0-20. We did this through watching a video and playing SWAT IT. This is a very important skill that you're child will need to master before being able to successfully move on to more challenging skills.

Content: This week we studied apples. We read many apples stories, completed an apple tree map, used apples to complete our class graph, and completed our apple plate craft. For our plate craft we started by painting a paper plate red. Then we completed the "apples are" paper as a class. Some of the things we put in our list were: juicy, red, green, sweet, sour, and yummy. After completed students glued this on their plate and made finishing touches to make it look like an apple.

Student of the Week: This week Christian was our Student of the Week! He shared his All About Me poster and lots more! He also had his sister, Sophia, come to read his favorite book to the class. We loved getting to know Christian this week!

Behavior Celebration: This week we had our 2nd behavior celebration. The mascot from the Colts team, Blue, came to our school for our fun and exciting show. He shared the importance of eating breakfast every morning, being a good friend, and working hard. The kiddos loved his dance moves and his enthusiasm. 


Reading: Students will...
-name characters in a story.
-learn how to use a QR code to listen to reading.
-review beginning and ending sounds in words.

Writing: Students will...
-begin writer's workshop.
-discuss writing topics and how to choose a topic to write about.

Math: Students will...
-sort objects by color.
-sort objects by shape.
-be introduced to position words and show when something is above, below, in front of, behind, next to, beside, to the right/left.

Content: Students will...
-be learning all about pumpkins! In conjunction with our field trip we will explore pumpkins and learn about the life cycle of a pumpkin.

Upcoming Events:
September 30: Field Trip to Exploration Acres
October 9: End of 1st 9 weeks
October 9: K-2 Movie Night

Week in Review: Mo Willems

Poem: Stretching Fun

Sight Word: and

Reading: Students reviewed letter sounds this week through a variety of lessons. We used the letter mat and whatever letter the ball landed on, that student had to produce the letter sound for that letter. We also played alphabet BINGO. I read the letter sound and students used their knowledge to find and cover the letter on their board.

We also worked on a new reading strategy: Do the pictures and words match? This is when students are reading making sure that the word they are reading is correct by checking the picture to make sure they match. For example if the story reads, "I see the horse" and the student reads "I see the house", realizing that the picture is of a horse and then correcting their reading. This helps with students' accuracy and comprehension.

We also talked about reality vs. fantasy. We watched a rap video and completed a chart together. Students learned that reality is when something is real and fantasy is about something that isn't real. An easy way for us to remember fantasy is fake and reality is real. Students then practiced categorizing books into stacks of fantasy and reality.

Writing: This week students learned about and practiced writing the letters Hh, Vv, Yy, Ww, and Xx. For Hh students made a house with shapes glued to and around the bubble letter H. For Vv we talked about volcanoes and students colored the eruption to the "v"olcano on their page. Students glued yarn to the y and made a worm for w. We finished the week with Xx, where students made a xylophone. It turned out to be a successful and fun week in writing!

Math: This week we focused on numbers 5-8. We continued with Number of the Day where students are practicing skills on their individual dry erase board as I am modeling each step on the easel. We also introduced Math by Myself. This is our first choice during Daily 3 Math that students can choose to work independently during the round. During this time students can choose to make shapes using the geoboards or they can practice writing numbers on the dry erase board. Math by Myself will be one of 3 choices students have during their rounds of math.

Content: This week students studied the author Mo Willems. He is known for his books titled "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus", Elephant and Piggie "We Are in a Book!", and many others. We opened the week with watching a short video clip about Mo. We learned about him as a author and what characters he really enjoyed creating. We then made a predictable chart of things that we didn't want the pigeon to drive. With that chart we completed our Pigeon hand print craft. We also made our own pigeons with empty toilet paper rolls. We had so much fun with our author study this week!

Student of the Week: This was the first week for "Student of the Week". Please make sure to look in your child's folder on Fridays to see if they are the Student of the Week for the next week. Lukas was thrilled to be the focus this week!


Reading: Students will...
-practice producing ending sounds in words. (ex. cat /t/, dog /g/)
-listen with understanding (new comprehension strategy).
-retell stories (what happened in the beginning, middle, and end).
-review all letter sounds.

Writing: Students will..
-write letters Kk and Zz.
-review letters that we have already learned through fun, interactive lessons.

Math: Students will...
-recognize numbers 0-20

Content: Students will...
-be learning all about apples next week. We will be labeling an apple and investigating an apple of our own. Please make sure your child brings an apple with them to school on/by Thursday. 

Upcoming Events:
September 30: Field Trip to Exploration Acres
October 9: K-2 Movie Night
October 9: End of the 1st 9 weeks

Week in Review: Colors

Poem: Little Ball
Sight Word: a

Reading: This week students were introduced to a new choice during Daily 5 Reading called Read with Someone. We completed an I-chart together as class that listed the expectations one of which included sitting EEKK. EEKK stands for Elbow Elbow Knee Knee. Students are to sit criss-cross applesauce right next to one another with a book in between them. They loved practicing this choice and sharing their books with someone else!

We also were introduced to a new comprehension strategy called Check for Understanding. There are so many times when reading I don't understand what I read. As an adult I have strategies that help me figure out and comprehend the passage that I'm reading. As children, we are teaching them these strategies to become successful readers for the rest of their lives. This strategy especially helps them comprehend what they are reading.

How can you help your child with this strategy at home?
  1. When reading to your child, stop periodically and say, “Let’s see if we
    remember what I just read. Think about who the story was about and
    what happened.” Do this 3 or 4 times throughout the story.

  2. When reading to your child, stop and have them practice checking for
    understanding by saying, “I heard you say...”

  3. Ask your child the following questions:
    • Who did you just read about?
    • What just happened?
    • Was your brain talking to you while you read?
    • Do you understand what was read?
    • What do you do if you don’t remember?
Students also were able to shop for good fit books for the first time! They found some really great books to read during Daily 5.

Writing: Students practiced writing the letters Pp, Rr, Nn, and Mm. They glued popcorn onto a p, used watercolor paints to paint a rainbow for r, put FROOT LOOPS on a piece of yarn to make a "n"ecklace, and make a letter m headband.

Math: This week we began learning about numbers 1-5 by doing the Number of the Day. During this time kids are expected to:

-write the number
-write the number word
-draw that number as it looks on a dice
-draw a picture of that number (ex. 5 stars)
-find the number on a number line
-display the number on a tens frame

We also practiced using the geoboards to make 2D shapes which will later be a choice for Math by Myself when the kids begin working independently during math. The tens frames were also put to use as the kids used manipulatives to show numbers 1-5.

Content: This week we focused on colors! Each day students wore a specific color to school, we learned that color song, and we constructed a list of things that are that color in the world. On Friday we used the story, "Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes!" as inspiration for our craft. Students made their own Pete the Cat and colored his shoes whatever color they wanted. They then wrote that color word on the paper provided that read, "I love my ___ shoes!". They turned out great!


Students will...
-learn and use a new strategy; "Do the words and pictures match?".
-review letter sounds.
-determine the difference between fantasy and reality.

Students will...
-continue writing letters including Hh, Vv, Yy, Ww, and Xx.

Students will...
-continue learning about numbers 6-10.
-begin Math by Myself and work independently using the same foundation as Reading Daily 5.

Students will...
-study the author, Mo Willems. We will read a variety of his books and complete crafts that go with the book, "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus".

Upcoming Events:
September 16: School Picture Day
September 30: Exploration Field Trip
October 9: End of the 9 weeks