Grinch Day

We were able to celebrate such a fun day during the holiday season at school that we call Grinch Day. All the students come to school wearing green and we have so much planned around the famous story "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss. Students come into the classroom to see green everywhere! There is a green banner hanging from the door and green on each table and even the drippy glue has been turned green!

We begin the morning by reading the story by Dr. Seuss. After reading we play a comprehension game we call "Punch a Bunch". Students come up and punch through tissue paper to find a folded piece of paper with a question. As a class we read the question and answer the many questions about the story.

After punching through every cup we then move onto the next activity. Each student has a yellow piece of construction paper with the sight words on it. As a class we go through and using the green drippy glue students must find and trace the sight word that is said aloud. This is great for recognition and spelling of words that we use every day in kindergarten.

In the afternoon we then brainstorm a list of ways to make the Grinch grin. What could you do to make the Grinch smile? After brainstorming a list we complete the craft and each student must write one way they would make the Grinch grin.

After all of our fun activities surrounding the story, we spend the later part of the day watching the original cartoon of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". During this time we enjoy some green cookies and punch as we watch the cartoon. And to finish the day each student received a green candy cane which we found out were green because the Grinch licked them all! :)