Week in Review: Christmas

Poem: Did You Ever See
Sight Words: did, on

Reading: This week we learned Christmas words as our vocabulary. We used the words evergreen and ornament to explore further with the app doodlebuddy.

Writing: We reviewed true stories this week. On Tuesday students were given a checklist to use when writing their true stories. This checklist is a visual for students to remember what is needed in their true story. Our end of the unit assessment was also this week. Students had to use all their knowledge of true stories to write their best 3 page story. Their true story needed to include who, where, what happened using a beginning, middle, and end.

Math: This week we reviewed many report card skills including 3D shapes, numbers 1-20, and drawing 2D shapes.

Content: This week we started our 2 week Christmas unit. We went to the Penguin Patch where we bought our family Christmas presents and we completed our elf craft. They had so much fun using their picture to make themselves look like an elf. We also spent time talking about what an application was and if they thought Santa would hire them as elves. We also had ornament day where we made 4 different ornaments to take home and put on our trees!

Hour of Code: We were so excited to participate in the Hour of Code this week! The Hour of Code is to inspire students and help them understand computer science. Each morning during the week we watch a video with people who inspired us to learn how to code! On Thursday we completed our hour by using 2 apps: Kodable and ScratchJr. Students had so much fun exploring these 2 apps with their iPad partner.


Next week we will be living the Christmas spirit through many different lessons. We will complete our stocking numbers where we are working on identifying numbers 0-20. We will also be working on our letter to Santa. In math we will be talking more about size and using strips of paper to make a Christmas tree.

Don't forget our special days next week; Grinch Day and Polar Express Day! Polar Express Day will be on the last day of school and will serve as our behavior incentive for kindergarten. Your child will be required to have at least 85% positive behavior in order to participate in the special activities planned for that day. I will communicate with you next week closer to the date as to if your child will be able to participate or not.

Upcoming Events:
December 16: Christmas Program @ 7pm
December 17: Last Day for Food Drive
December 21: Winter Break
January 5: School Begins

Week in Review: Gingerbread Man

Poem: The Gingerbread Man
Sight Words: is, how

Reading: This week we introduced a new strategy: predict what will happen and confirm. We were very good at predicting what would happen next in our gingerbread stories.

We also used educreations to better explain one of our vocabulary words; tracks. We used a picture of the gingerbread man and drew tracks that he left behind him.

Writing: This week we focused on rereading our stories and fixing errors. These errors include things like misspelled sight words, missing sounds, missing meatball spaces, etc. The first two days we fixed 2 writing pieces that I had errors in, the 3rd day we took a student's writing and fixed the errors in that.

We are continuing to work on true stories. Next week students will have 45 minutes to write a true story on their own. This will then be turned in and will help me to see where the are academically with their writing and who has mastered this writing unit. Remember a true story is 3 pages and needs the following: who is in the story, where the characters are, and what happened (thinking about the beginning, middle, and end).

Math: This week we reviewed both 3D and 2D shapes. Students need to be able to draw 2D shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, hexagon, and circle) on their own. Using dry erase boards we practiced drawing each shape until we felt comfortable.

Then we reviewed the 3D shapes by watching the video again and reviewing our chart. Students are required to identify the shape by naming it and giving a real life example of the shape.

We also added a few new math choices. Students can choose to practice drawing 2D shapes on the dry erase board, or they can make pictures with the shapes then draw their picture with crayons on their paper. 

Our math vocabulary word this week was sort. We had briefly talked about this word once before but officially put it in our journal this week. We discussed that we can sort things by color, size, shape, toys, books, etc.

Content: This week we read a variety of Gingerbread books. These included the Gingerbread Girl, Gingerbread Baby, Gingerbread Boy, and Gingerbread Man. At the beginning of the week we found a QR code on a gumdrop that appeared in our classroom. We scanned the code to figure out what it was and found out that the gingerbread man had escaped! We chased him all around the school until we made it back to the classroom where we found him! We decided to divide him up and do some tasting as we read the Gingerbread Man story.

Later in the week after reading the Gingerbread Baby students made the gingerbread house for the baby just like the story.

Reading: Students will..
-produce words in the -op word family. 
-relate the story read to a personal experience. 
-practice reading CVC words (including word family words).
-compare and contrast characters within a story.

Writing: Students will...
-use a checklist to ensure they have included everything in their writing.
-produce a final true story to turn in.

Math: Students will...
-review addition by using a number bond. 
-review drawing 2D shapes.

Content: Students will...
-be having lots of fun as we start our 2 week Christmas unit. We will be preparing for our special days coming up including ornament day. (Please be sure to turn that paper in if you are interested in coming in that afternoon and making an ornament with the kiddos!)

Special Announcements: Next week is Computer Science Week. Our class will be participating in the Hour of Code on December 10. During this hour students will learn what code is and how it works. A letter will be coming home on Monday to better explain this event. In the meantime check out this video!

Upcoming Events:
Currently: Food Drive
December 8: MME Barnes and Nobles Night 
December 8: Ornament Day
December 16: Christmas Program @ 7pm at MHS
December 18: End of the nine weeks 

Week in Review: Thanksgiving

Poem: Turkey in the Barnyard

Reading: This week our comprehension strategy was: Relate a story to a personal experience. During the week we read "The Stuffed Turkey" and then shared about our thanksgiving experiences when we went to other people's houses and ate too much food.

We spent the week reviewing the -at and -ot word families. We did this by rolling a dice and reading the word that it landed on. This helps us recognize words in previous word families, but it also allows us to practice blending sounds in CVC (consonant vowel consonant) words. This helps us become better readers.

We also spent time reviewing sight words. This week we practiced by scanning QR codes that had a voice recording of a sight word, then students looked to match up the QR code with the written word.

Writing: This week we talked about what makes writing easy and hard to read. Students were shown 2 examples, one example that was easy to read and one that was hard to read. We discussed the differences and went through things that we needed to make sure were included in our writing.

Math: This week we reviewed number formation and practiced writing our numbers 0-20. We practiced using dry ease boards and shaving cream! After hearing a number said aloud students would write that number. This is a 2nd nine weeks skill that will be tested before winter break.

Our math vocabulary word this week was hexagon. Students were familiar with this word when we studied 2D shapes during the first nine weeks.

We also introduced a new app this week: Number Line. Students grab a bag of addition flash cards. Then they write the addition sentence in the app and use the number line to find the answer. After using the number line, students then check their answer on the back.

Content: This week we studied the Thanksgiving holiday. Students disguised turkeys to fool the farmer so they wouldn't be dinner on thanksgiving. On Monday we shared the different disguises! We made turkeys with the -ot word family on the feathers. We also had our thanksgiving day feast and had turkey placemats that we wrote our sight words on.


Reading: Students will...
-learn and practice reading/spelling words in the -ap word family.
-summarize stories.
-review making a mental image.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about ending marks. Learn the different marks and identify them in sentences. Students are encouraged to use a variety of ending marks in their writing if it makes sense.
-learn how to reread their writing and fix errors in their writing.

Math: Students will...
-sort by size. We will review sorting by color and shape as well.

Content: Students will...
-read about the gingerbread man! We will go on a hunt and read many different varieties of this great story!

Upcoming Events:
November 30: Food Drive
December 4: PMO Show
December 8: Barnes and Nobles Night
December 16: Christmas Program
December 18: End of the nine weeks

Week in Review: Pilgrims/Native Americans

Poem: Oh Rainbow Fair
Sight Words: now, are

Reading: This week we introduced a new comprehension strategy: respond to questions about the story. This is an important strategy that you can practice at home when reading with your child. Ask questions like, Who is in the story? Where are the characters? What happened on the last page? We practiced the strategy throughout the week and even practiced with a partner. When reading a story I would stop periodically and I would have student turn to person next to them and ask them a question. The other person would have to respond to their question.

Writing: We have been working on writing our own true stories. We started the week off my brainstorming things that we could write about. Our list included things like playing baseball, going grocery shopping with mom, getting a new pet, etc. Then I modeled how to choose a topic from the list and begin writing my own true story. Each true story needs to have the following: who is in the story, where you are in your story, and what you are doing in your story with a beginning, middle, and end. I chose to write about going to my nephew Noah's 4th birthday party. Below are the pages that I modeled for the class. Upon finishing their stories, students are encouraged to upload their story to Book Creator and send it to me through Showbie.

We also talked about using meatball spaces in our writing. This helps our writing look neat and makes it easy to read. Students have sticks they can use for meatball spaces as they're writing.

Math: This week we worked in addition within 5. We added a new choice to math by myself and a new choice to math with someone. At math by myself students sit near the story of posters and use the number bracelets to write down the story of's on their paper. For math with someone students show their partner addition flash cards. Students can use a number line or cubes to figure out the answer until they become more fluent.

Content: This week we learned about pilgrims and Native Americans. We watched videos, read books, and worked on crafts throughout the week. One day we used a Venn diagram to discuss the difference between pilgrims then and what we do now. For example pilgrims would trade for things, now we buy things when we need them. On Friday we talked about how Squanto taught the pilgrims how to fish and grow food. We then thought about what we could teach a friend and wrote that down on our Indian corn craft.

Reading: Students will...
- review the -ot and -at word families.
- relate a story to a personal experience.

Writing: Students will...
- discuss the importance of starting a sentence with a capital letter (and no other capitals).
- discuss/show what makes writing easy and hard to read.

Math: Students will...
- review and practice writing numbers 0-20.

Content: Students will...
- learn about and celebrate Thanksgiving.

Upcoming Events:
November 26 & 27: Thanksgiving Break
December 4: PMO Christmas Show
December 7: Penguin Patch
December 16: K/1 Christmas Program
December 21: Christmas Break