All About Zebras

Today we learned all about zebras and specifically talked about the following:
- Type of animal a zebra is.
- A zebra's habitat.
- What a zebra's diet consists of.
- How a zebra adapts to their environment.

The kids first went around the room with others from their table to look through a zebra book. After a few minutes of looking through the books, we came back whole group and discussed what we noticed. Then as a class we wrote down what we had learned on the big paper.

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Growing Grass

The kids get so excited to see how much their grass has grown from day to day. We are still completing our observation log and documenting the changes we see in our plants. Some kiddos have so much grass that has grown!

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We have started our zoo week today by talking about zookeepers. The kids filled in missing letters to our writing piece to learn who zookeepers are, what they do, and what they wear. We had a whole group conversation discussing the duties of a zookeeper then looked at pictures of zookeepers on action on the eno board.

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Connecting to the Story

Today we talked about how we can connect to a story. We read "Chicks and Salsa" and discussed the different kinds of food that the characters ate throughout the story. As a whole group we talked about food we like to eat and spent time writing about it. Some kids said they liked eating pizza others liked to eat cheese and others said Cheetos. The kids made the connection between what the animals in the story liked to eat and what they like to eat.

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During our plants unit we talked about the parts of a plant. We used a variety of materials to construct our plant then placed the typed labels in the correct spots. The parts of a plant that each kiddo had to label was the stem, flower, leaves, and seeds. Many kiddos labeled the roots also.

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2nd Grade Animal Reports

The 2nd graders completed animal reports and were displayed in the cafeteria for others in the school to enjoy. We took part of our morning to explore the projects and ask questions like, what do cheetahs eat? And how tall are giraffes? They loved sharing the fun things they learned when we returned to the room.

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Planting Grass

When talking about plants last week, we planted grass seed in hopes to watch it grow. Each kiddo has their very own observation log to document what they see about heir grass. Today many of them saw grass!! This was exciting for most of them as they recorded their findings in their log.

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Poem in Your Pocket

As an entire school, we celebrated "Poem in Your Pocket" Day. Each student had a poem in their pocket and at certain parts of the day they would trade their poem with a buddy and read their partner's poem. The principal would announce the trade by first reading a poem, then telling everyone to swap poems. The kiddos really enjoyed the poem titled "Booger Love". What a fun way to celebrate poetry!

"Booger Love" by Brod Bagert (taken from his book Giant Children)
I love this little booger,
All shiny, green, and black.
You can hold it for a minute,
But I want my booger back.
It stays right where I put it,
It sure knows how to stick.
And if it gets too dry...?
It just needs a little lick.
I can hold it on my finger,
I can flick it in the air,
I can stick it underneath a desk,
Or underneath a chair.
I can make a ball and roll it
Just to see which way it goes. 

I love this booger anywhere...
Except inside my nose.


Last week we spent our week talking about insects and exploring different insects. The first day we made our insect tree map together whole group, then the kids worked on their own.

We also spent a lot of time talking about the parts of an insect (head, thorax, abdomen, antennae, 6 legs, wings). On Friday they used a variety of food to make their insect. Before eating their "bug" they had to be able to verbally label each part. They had a blast!

We had a kiddo find bugs in her backyard and brought them into school in her bug jar. The kids loved seeing real bugs crawl/fly around. They loved being able to point out parts of an insect that they had learned about earlier in the week.