Narrative Writing

We have moved on from opinion writing to narrative writing, which are stories we tell about ourselves. As a whole class we have worked on stories we have all experienced including the first day of kindergarten and what happens at lunch and recess. Today we talked about a new story that we all experienced which was our field trip to McCutchean High School for ABC Ag Days. Today I gave each kiddo a paper to start by drawing their story out. They were required to draw a detailed picture of their story in order including what happened first, next, then, and last. They did a great job working on their stories!


As part of our weather unit we talked about wind. We started by reading What is Wind? and making a chart listing the things we knew/learned about wind. After our whole-group discussion we experimented with wind and took turns blowing on a feather to see it how far it would move. We talked about why the feathers went different distances and observed how far some of the feathers traveled. Using tape, we labeled where the feathers landed so we can measure the distance with cubes the following day in math.


We have started our unit on weather! Monday, we got out our Time for Kids magazines and looked through them with a partner. After a little while exploring, we gathered back at the carpet to discuss what we found. We made a chart whole-class of what we knew about weather.

Dr. Seuss

For a week in March we read many Dr. Seuss books and did many activities to go along with the stories. The books we read included The Foot Book, The Lorax, The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and many more! The kids loved reading Green Eggs and Ham and actually trying eggs and ham that were colored green! We then charted whether we liked green eggs and ham or not. What a fun day!

Read Across America

On March 1 we celebrated National Read Across America Day school-wide. We had the opportunity to gather in the gym with our towels/blankets and book boxes to read some great stories. The students and staff enjoyed this wonderful opportunity to read together!