Valetine's Day

During the week of Valentine's Day we did many heart activities. One day I had "love" words posted around the room. (These were sight words on hearts.) Each kiddo had a paper, clipboard, pencil, and a partner to search for the words around the room. This was a great way for the kids to practice reading and writing the sight words that have already been introduced.

On another day we sorted valentine themed m&m's. Each student got an individualized package of m&m's and sorted by colors (dark pink, light pink, white, and red). They had to write how many of each they had and then write which color they had most of and least of. They were very excited to eat them at the end of the activity! :)

On Thursday we had a successful party! We played a few minute-to-win-it games, passed out valentines, and decorated cookies. During our party we ate our decorated cookies and had ice cream floats with cherry 7-up and twizzler straws.

To end our valentine week we made a dog craft, with everything made out of hearts. The kids had fun with this and we got some good pictures out of it!

Shorter vs. Longer

In math we have been talking about length and have had to determine which object is shorter and longer. The kids completed an activity that required them to look at two strips of paper of the same color and determine which was longer/shorter. They were each given a chart to paste the strips on. The longer strip of the color was to go on the right side of the chart and the shorter on the left. The kids were very successful with this and had fun doing it!

Valentine's Day


This week for Valentine's Day we talked about love and being loved by our families. The kids were given a writing prompt; "Do you like getting hugs or kisses from your family?" Each kiddo chose to write about hugs or kisses and told why. Above their writing was a hug/kiss with a smiley face to make it fun. :)

Sink or Float?

We conducted a class experiment this week using valentine candy. Using three different kinds of candy the kids made a hypothesis of whether they thought the object would sink or float. Each kiddo had a chart, clipboard, and pencil at the carpet to record their findings. First, we made our hypothesis for each kind of candy; heart marshmallow, chocolate heart, and a conversation heart. Then we tested each hypothesis. As we placed the candy in water, many kids cheered for having the correct hypothesis.


What better way to talk about subtraction, then with Linus the Minus! Linus helped explain to the kids that subtraction is just taking away. This poem was a great way to introduce a new standard in math.

This week we have been talking about dental health. One day we talked about wiggly, wobbly teeth and why we loose teeth. I had each kiddo write their name on a paper tooth and chart it under the number of teeth they have lost. After we charted our results I had them smile and show off all their missing teeth!

Taking Care of My Teeth

Today I had to kids get with a buddy and look through their Time For Kids. After a little while, I had them meet back at the carpet and we had a whole group discussion about our findings. I then introduced our writing objective. Each kiddo had to finish this phrase, "I can take care of my teeth by..". As a whole group we came up with the following: going to the dentist, brushing my teeth, flossing, eating healthy, and drinking water. During writer's workshop each kiddo did their pre-writing and then finished their writing project later in the day.

After their final draft was completed, they put together their final product. They were given a pink oval for the mouth, marshmallows for the teeth and then used glue to complete their masterpiece.

Word Work

Today I introduced a new option for word work during our Daily 5 Reading time. The kids can choose to use cookie sheets with magnetic letters. The kids are required to have sight words on a ring, a word family paint sample, or a list of sight words. This provides an objective for kiddos while building words on their own.

Listen to Reading

Today I introduced our fourth part of Daily 5, Listen to Reading. I had chosen a book about penguins at the listening center, where each kiddo had their own copy of the story. I had response papers available for them to write a response for the story.

Number Work

I have added a new activity to Number Work during our math time. We are currently working on counting by 10's to 100. This packet includes penguin cards with numbers 10-100, a laminated sheet to record numbers in order, and a dry erase marker. It also has 2 additional set of numbers counting by 2's and 5's. It was a big success with the kiddos that tried it out today!

A Tooth Is...

This week we are talking about Dental Health and today we started by listing adjectives for teeth. I read The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss and then asked the kids to describe their teeth. We also talked about what we used our teeth for.

The Mitten

Today we compared different versions of "The Mitten" that we read this week. We remembered the characters and ending of each and placed it with the correct version. Some were similar which made it hard to place it to the right version, but as a whole class we were successful!

 Today we cut out pieces from the story by Jan Brett and used them to retell the story to a friend. Each kiddo had the animals from the story that needed to be colored and cut out. They also had a white paper bag that was used as the "mitten". They were paired up with a buddy to use their props to retell the story. We then had 3 volunteers to retell the story to the entire class. They did a great job using expression and the word "suddenly".

My Mitten

In connection with The Mitten we discussed the many animals that fit in the mitten. Each kiddo was given a mitten and had to decide what could fit in their mitten. They used their imagination and were creative in completing this activity. These are a few that they wrote about!

My mitten is so big a ______ could fit in it!
-snio (snail)
-jaint (giant)
-squrl (squirrel)

Word Family Fun

This week we used paint samples to build words in our word family. Kids were paired with a friend sitting next to them and worked together to build the word that I said aloud. They had to move the word ending up and down to match with the right beginning letter. They had a blast with this!