Math By Myself

I introduced a new choice for Math By Myself called "Shake and Spill"! The kids loved doing this for the first time on their own today! This choice has kids shake 2 sided counters in a cup and then spill them out on the floor. They have to look to see how many are red and how many are yellow, then record their findings. The kids record their findings using numbers, a tens frame, and by writing an addition equation.

Opinion Writing

Today we continued talking about opinions. For our discussion today each kiddo wrote their name under the pet they thought was the best. After they all had a chance to write down their name, we talked about what we saw. I pointed out that there were names under each category; cat, dog, and other. We do not all have the same opinion.

The Mitten

This week we are reading three different versions of The Mitten. Yesterday, we read the version by Jan Brett and today we read the version by Jim Aylesworth. We compared the two versions and shared about a time that we lost something.