With Thanksgiving quickly approaching we spent this week learning about the pilgrims and Indians. For our content we made pilgrim hats and wrote what we were thankful for some of which included the things we first brainstormed. Each kiddo was able to choose if they wanted to be a pilgrim or an Indian for our thanksgiving feast. We ate our thanksgiving feast with Ms. Bagley's class and sat all together. We even tried cornbread, which many had not tried before.

We also learned what words belong in the -ot word family. We made an -ot word family turkey displaying many -ot words.

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Week of November 18

We have added a few activities this week to Math with Someone. The first activity is an addition matching game. The goal is to match the addition card with the same number of dots.

Sight Word: This week our sight words were are and now. We even made "are" pirate hats to reinforce the use of the word.

We talked about spaghetti and meatball spaces this week during writing. We use spaghetti spaces in between letters of words and meatball spaces in between words in sentences. We used our own meatball spaces while writing to make our writing easy to read. We also added more words to the word wall. We added color words and other words that we use often in our writing.

Nocturnal Animals:
We spent the week talking about nocturnal animals, which are animals that sleep during the day. We categorized nocturnal and diurnal animals and specifically learned about owls. After making a tree map, we made an owl ornament craft. We learned so much about nocturnal animals.

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Community Helpers

We talked about community helpers and the roles they played. Each kiddo picked a community helper that they would want to be and drew the appropriate background for their community helper. We talked about police officers, firefighters, chefs, teachers, farmers, and many more!

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Our 5 Senses

We did so much this week while exploring our 5 senses. We examined popcorn and made a chart whole group in which we wrote down our observations. We also made Mr. Potato Head and labeled the parts we use for our 5 senses. One day we talked about texture; how something feels. We used different objects to glue on our hand print to document different textures!

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I Am Me

Performing the poem of the week on Friday.

YouTube Video

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We are so excited to have started RAZ-KIDS in our room! During our 90 minute reading block there are 3 opportunities for kids to be on raz-kids on the ipad. RAZ-KIDS is an online reading program which helps kids in their ability to read and comprehend stories. We have had so many kiddos reading and moving up levels!

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Reading Celebration

We had a great first writing celebration this week! Mrs. Deboy's 5th grade students came into our room to read and celebrate our writing with us. We used our writing checklist and added to our writing with the help of our 5th grade buddies.

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Fire Safety

This week we talked about fire safety. We started the week by listening to firefighter Dan and learned so much about firefighter gear and how to stop, drop, and roll. We practiced how to stop, drop, and roll as well as how to drop and crawl out of a room filled with smoke.

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Apple Week

During apple week we talked all about apples. We got to explore real apples and label the parts of an apple. We made an apple tree map to learn more about apples. On Friday we wrote down the things that apples are. After painting, cutting, and pasting we had a finished product! We also ate the apples that we brought to school. They were so yummy!!

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Family Week

We talked all about families during family week. On Friday we talked about all the people who lived in our house with us. After our discussion we made a glyph and shared with the class. We have lots of different families and each one is special!

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Math with Someone

We have added Math With Someone as a choice for Daily 5 Math. The kids are working on recognizing numbers 1-10 with their partner. One person pulls out a card and reads the number to their partner. Then the other person finds that number to match the card. I caught these partners recognizing lots of numbers!

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Read With Someone

Today we introduced the final choice of Daily 5 Reading, Read with Someone. When we read with someone we first choose a partner, then get our book boxes. Our book box sits in front of us while we sit EEKK (elbow elbow knee knee) and read with our partner. We did great for the first day of read with someone!

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Counting Cat

We use the counting cat (in the hat) to help us count. We pass the counting cat around the circle when it's each child's turn to count. Right now we are practicing counting to 25! Make sure your child is practicing at home!

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