Here is our classroom for the 2015-2016 school year!

This is where students make their lunch choice. They move their numbered owl stick to the appropriate cup each morning.

This is where students will keep their writing folders when they are not writing in them .

This is the word wall. Each week there will be 1 or 2 sight words introduced that students will need to be familiar with. Once they have been introduced they will be added to the word wall for reference the rest of the school year. 

Here is where students will be able to show off their fabulous work! Writing pieces are normally what are displayed. 

 Here are the mailboxes that the kiddos check everyday for papers/homework, and notes home.

This is the leveled library with books students will put in their bookbox to read during Daily 5. 

Our Daily 5 CAFE board is empty now, but each week we will add a new reading strategy. Each strategy will be modeled and practiced to help us become better readers. 

This is where I will meet with students in small groups and one on one to confer during reading, writing, and math. 

This is homework club! If students turn in ALL their homework, completed each week for the entire month they are in the "Homework Club". If a student makes the homework club then they get get to have lunch in the room with the teacher and enjoy a short movie during lunch. 

Here is the weekly jobs. Every week students will have a classroom job and will be responsible for helping our room run smoothly. 

 This is our writing bulletin board. Eventually it will be filled with important information from our mini lessons and have our writing goals displayed as well.

In our room, we support the idea of a mini economy. Students earn HOOT LOOT (an artificial dollar) for moving their clip up during the day. HOOT LOOT can be used at store and students can choose candy or a toy found in the treasure box for their superb effort!  

This is where we meet the majority of the time during the day. This is where all the mini lessons take place, whole group instruction, read alouds, and morning meeting.

This is one table, where the students' supplies are located in the center of the table. Each table has glue, scissors, pencils, crayons, markers and pencils. 

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