Plants (Week 2)

Poem: Planting Seeds
Sight Words: want, give

Accuracy: This week we learned all about contractions. Contractions are two words that are combined to make a shorter version of that word. Each day we learned a new contraction.

Vocabulary: This week students listened to the story "Zinnia's Flower Garden" and added the following words to our chart pesk, inspects, measures, gather, arrange, and abundant.

iPads: For ipads this week students created a short 3 part story using the app Toontastic.

Writing: This week in Writer's Workshop we learned about how to write a letter. We started by reading Click Clack Moo to introduce writing letters. Then we learned about the parts of a letter, before then writing letters of our own. We spent the week writing letters to friends in other classes and we wrote Mrs. Bunch's class! They wrote a letter to us too!

Math: This week we learned about clocks and telling time. We used little clocks to practice while listening to a catchy song by Jack Hartman. We learned telling time to the hour and half hour this week.

iPads: This week students scanned QR codes and listened to subtraction stories problems. They solved each problem in PicEDU by using the stickers and doodle pen to record their answers and write the subtraction sentence.

Content: This week we continued learning about plants. We spent time learning about the needs of a plant. We then created a flower which had the needs of a plant when you lift the color flower flap.

This year we had our first Annual KINDY 500. Yes, this is a mock race that is inspired by the actual Indianapolis 500. We talk with our kiddos about the race in Indianapolis and the traditions and why it is so special to those who live in Indiana. The preparation starts weeks before the event as kiddos are put into teams and start the planning. Each team is made up of 6-7 kiddos. They chose their team name, team number, and team colors. We then use paints to paint our cars. We then add our names, numbers and suspenders.

The day of, we invite families and the rest of the school to come to our event. Mrs. Cauble was the pace car and began racing around before the race showing the kindergarten students how to go around the track.

There were 3 heats where students raced their hearts out against other teams. The final race was for the winners of each heat. Members of the champion team were awarded metals and trophies, they drank milk and kissed the "bricks". It was a great day had by all and can't wait for years to come! Check out some of the videos and pictures that were taken!

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