Dr. Seuss

Poem: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Sight Words: went, saw

Accuracy: This week's word families were the -ate and -ake families. We started the week by introducing the bossy e. We talked about how the bossy e makes the vowel say it's name. We also begin talking about long vowels so students understand when the vowel says it's name it makes the long vowel sound.

Vocabulary: This week we read "The Lorax" written by Dr. Seuss. This wonderful story teaches students to appreciate and treat their environment with love and care. The words that were added to our chart were grim, smog, pardon, greed, midnight, and proper.

Writing: This week during writer's workshop students learned about what gets a capital. We used the chart to show examples about how names of people, pets, and places are capitalized. We also capitalize the first word in a sentence, capitalize months, days of the week, and holidays.

Students also learned how to use PebbleGo to research a new topic to write about during Writer's Workshop. PebbleGo is a great educational tool that we have used variety of times this year. Students log in and choose a topic. It could be science related, an animal, a person, or social studies related. After listening to different facts about the topic, students then use those facts to write their own informational writing book.

Math: This week we learned about temperature and capacity. We started the week off by sorting pictures into cold and hot. Then we used a template that showed different garments of clothing. We circled the thermometer that showed what the temperature would be if we would be wearing those garments. Then on Thursday we talked about capacity and discussed different containers and which would be appropriate in different situations.

Vocabulary: This week students described the words temperature and capacity. Temperature is how hot or cold something is. Capacity means how much someone can hold.

iPads: This week students are working to solve subtraction problems within Google Classroom. After opening the slides students are reading the subtraction sentences and crossing off the appropriate number of bananas. Students used the pen tool to cross off bananas and write the answer to the problem in the empty box.

Content: This week was Dr. Seuss week! We had lots of fun all week long as we celebrated with goofy dress up days!
Monday: We got to bring in our stuffed animals and read "If I Ran the Zoo".

Tuesday: We wore our jammies and read The Sleep Book.

Wednesday was WACKY Wednesday! We wore things that were backwards and mix-matched and very very silly!
Thursday was sock day and we all wore silly/comfy socks and listened to Fox in Socks.

Friday we listened to The Cat in the Hat and we got to wear our hats. We also made Cat in the Hat masks!

SEL (Social Emotional Learning): Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This week we talked about respect. We started the week off by reading "The Recess Queen". This book shows students how a new girl came to school and was nice and respectful to someone who isn't normally showing respect. It changed Mean Jean and she was kind and respectful at recess from then on! We made a map about Mean Jean and then a map with a picture of our class and discussed the differences between the two. On Friday we discussed different scenarios and classified each one as something a recess queen would do/say or a respectful friend.  

Please take a look at the conference schedule for next week! I am excited to meet with each and every one of you as we get to celebrate your child! Please make sure you come at your scheduled time to ensure every family gets their full time slot to share and converse. Click here for a copy of the schedule. 

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ame and -ale word families. 
-learn about cause and effect. 

WritingStudents will...
-complete their post test assessment for informational writing.
-write a class fairy tale. 

MathStudents will...
-learn about graphs. 

ContentStudents will listen to a variety of fairy tales and end the week with a fairy tale ball! 

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