Poem: Here Are My Eyes
Sight Words: down, when

Comprehension Strategy: This week students reviewed the meaning of Author's Purpose. There are 3 main reasons that we learn why authors write a story and those are; to entertain, persuade, and inform. We learned about persuade and how not only do authors persuade in their writing, but stores and restaurants persuade you to go and buy their product. We used their symbols to talk and discuss different places that might get us to change our mind about something. On Thursday we sorted a stack of books into persuade, entertain, and inform.

Accuracy: The words families we dove deeper into this week were the -ock and -ack word families. As always we listened to our songs, made our list of words and wrote the slide on Wednesday.

Vocabulary: This week students found words in the story "Arthur Meets the President". Students learned about words like speech and recite in this fun story about how Arthur wins a writing contest and gets to recite his speech to the President of the United States! But he is super nervous for the special ceremony! Words we learned and added to our chart include: recite, ceremony, speech, White House, President, and country.

iPads: This week students created a chatterpix retell of 1-2 facts about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. After gathering information from Pebble Go, students recorded their facts in Chatterpix using a photo previously shared with them. After recording they uploaded their finished product to Google Classroom.

Writing: This week in Writer's Workshop, we learned about text features. We learned that authors use text features to put emphasis on character feelings and exciting parts in the story. An author that does this a lot is Mo Willems. We used a few of his books to show how authors use these text features when writing. After discussing different examples we practiced writing a few on a dry erase board!

The remainder of the week students learned how you can write an informational book without beginning first with a planning page. If you have all of your ideas in your head and can clearly transfer them to a book without the need to plan it out, students now can do just that!

Math: This week students learned about one more and one less. We practiced this skill a variety of ways including using a number line to find a number and determine one more and one less. We also practiced this skill with a new math with someone game called Bump It! Students roll a dice and determine one more than the number they rolled. They have to cover that space on their game board. If their partner also rolls that number they can "bump" their partner's piece off that spot.

Another report card skill that we worked on this week was counting on from a given number. We pulled a number from our bag and then started counting from that number. Numbers ranged from 18-89. This is a great skill to practice in the car!

Another fun thing that we did this week was we tried out Quizlet Live! Quizlet is a website that allows students to answer questions and gives teachers an update of what students know and skills that need more work. Quizlet Live is a fun addition that allows students to get with each other to play as a team and answer questions quickly. Using the ipad students must work together because they will not always have the answer and must rely on their partner to tap the correct answer. Take a look at some of the fun we had!

Vocabulary: Students learned about more and less this week. Specifically knowing how to identify one more and one less for a given number.

iPads: This week students used QR codes to scan and find a 2-digit number to then represent tens and ones using the Number Pieces app.

Content: This week we celebrated President's Day. We learned who the President is and what roles the president has. We first listened and learned about the President's role through Pebble Go. We We went deeper to learn even more about President George Washington and Abraham Lincoln by reading stories, listening to information on Pebble Go and creating

SEL (Social Emotional Learning): Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This week we spent lots of time learning about leaders. Since it was President's Day this week we looked and made lists of what makes a good leader. We read the book "Swimmy" to start the week off. This book shows students that you can be a leader by showing and sharing ideas about a situation. We then sorted different characteristics and talked about the differences between being a boss and a leader. We also listened to Kid President and learned about what others would do if they were president and a big leader to others. We ended the week by making a list of all the people we find to be leaders in our lives. 

STEM Night: We had our Kindergarten STEM night this week and had so much fun! Students came with their families to create a carrier that would hold a box of candy hearts down the zip line! Take a look at some of the awesome creations! 

Reading: Students will...
-learn and practice the strategy back up and reread.
-recall words in the -est and -ell word families. 

WritingStudents will...
-Learn about Verbs.
-Use nonfiction science readers to help guide them to write informational books.

MathStudents will...
-learn the term line.
-practice drawing 2D shapes (rectangle, square, circle, triangle).

ContentStudents will learn about Dental Health and end the week with Read Across America. 

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