Poem: I Have a Little Wagon
Sight Words: was, all

Comprehension Strategy: This week our focus was recognizing literary elements and telling a connected story. To practice this strategy we asked questions after reading. A few days we rolled a dice with different prompts including: name the setting, name characters, recall the beginning, middle, and end, recall the setting, name the problem/solution, and name the main idea.

Vocabulary: Our story this week was about the life of a penguin. Throughout the story we learned about the ways of a penguin while reviewing and listening for the following words: trundles, miserable, racket, pouch, horizon, and trumpeting.

We acted like detectives this week as we reviewed our vocabulary words. We used pictures and videos as clues to determine the vocabulary word. They loved this and did great using their clues.

Accuracy: This week we learned words from the -ick and -ing word families. We watched our videos, made our lists and wrote the slide using sounds to stretch out the words.

iPads: This week for ipads students continued their understanding of main idea and key details. Students listened/read a book assigned to them through EPIC and then recorded the main idea and key details using the graphic organizer from last week using pic EDU. Here are a few of the finished products.

Writing: During Writer's Workshop this week we learned the different between facts and opinions. We started the week off by watching the fact vs opinion video and then sorted statements into fact and opinion.

Math: This week in math students continued practicing subtraction. Students learned how to subtract using rekenreks and a number line. When using a number line students used the bead and jumped backwards the number being subtracted. This is often a strategy that students find easier to use. On Thursday students practiced drawing a picture using the dry erase boards with the guest teacher.

Vocabulary: This week our word was subtract. Subtract means to take away.

iPads: This week students used doodle buddy to record subtraction problems. They used cards from their bag to write the subtraction sentence and then use their choice of stamps to make their picture. Using the pen tool students drew an X through the number that they were to take away (subtract).

Content: This week we continued our polar animal unit but focused on penguins. We started the week by learning about different kinds of penguins using Pebble Go! Then as a class we completed a tree map listing facts about penguins. On Wednesday we labeled the parts of a penguin to better understand how a penguin survives the arctic and on Thursday we compared penguins to birds. On Friday they made their penguins to hang out in the hallway with their tree map.

SEL (Social Emotional Learning): Social and emotional learning (SEL) is the process through which children and adults acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, establish and maintain positive relationships, and make responsible decisions.

This week we continued learning about friendship. We started by reading the Elephant and Piggie and talking about how Piggie was a good friend and Elephant was also a good friend wanting to share his ice cream. Then we used cotton balls and sand paper to talk about how each felt. We compared how they felt to how words feel when people say nice and not nice things. 

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ump and -unk word families.
-understand how to read with expression. 

WritingStudents will...
-learn about feeling endings.
-continue writing about informational topics. 

MathStudents will...
-learn about tens and ones.

ContentStudents will have a week surrounded around valentines and love. Be sure to bring in your valentines for 25 students with your child's name written in the "from" section. No class list will be coming home to make it easier for each child to pass out their own valentines. 

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