Mo Willems

Poem: Come and Listen
Sight Word: to, me

Strategy: This week our big strategy was to use the pictures and beginning sounds. This is one of the first stages of pre-reading. Illustrations can provide hints to help students decode a word.

Another skill that is important that we have been working hard at is beginning sounds. When given a word students are able to give the initial sound they hear. For example after hearing the word cat, students are encouraged to produce the beginning sound; /c/.

Vocabulary: This week we started off our expanded vocabulary with the story, "Friends at School". Throughout the school year we will read stories and dissect the meaning of 6 words within the story. These words will be added to our chart in the room.

Writing: This week we continued with our handwriting, learning how to write letters Hh, Yy, Ww, Vv, and Xx.

Vocabulary: The math term that we learned this week was rectangle, square, circle, hexagon, and triangle.

Our math words helped us determine the difference between our 2D shapes. This is a report card skill that we will be working hard on the next few weeks. Students are expected to recall the name of the shape, the number of sides, and number of corners. Students first learn about the shapes with making a chart and learning the 2D shape song. Throughout the week students practiced making the shapes with playdoh and geoboards!

Content: This week we did our first author study! We learned about Mo Willems and read many of his books including Elephant and Piggie and the pigeon books! We did activities throughout the week learning about Mo.

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