Poem: We Can
Sight Words: we, can

Strategy: This week we worked on print concepts, which is an important skill as we begin reading leveled books soon. Students learn and practice print concepts by identifying parts of a book. Things that we work on include identifying the front and back of the book, the title page, understanding where to begin reading, which direction we read, and where to begin reading after the first page. Reading before bed would be a perfect time to ask some of these questions and practice with your child.

This week students were introduced to word work as a choice during Daily 5. Students used dry erase boards to practice writing letters of the alphabet. We also practice writing by writing the names of friends in our class. As the year progresses we will be able to choose from more choices during word work and get to practice writing and making our sight words.

Writing: This week we continued handwriting. The letters we practiced this week included the following with the associated after craft.
Monday: The letter Jj. We made Jerry the Jellyfish after handwriting. Students used a paper with the letter j and made tentacles hanging down.
Tuesday: The letter Qq. We used "Q" tips to paint the letter Qq.
Wednesday: The letter Uu. We decorated underwear after handwriting.
Thursday: The letter Ss. We made our Ss into a snake (pictured below).

Math: Vocabulary: Number Line
Each week students will learn a new math word. As the year progresses we will add these words and meanings to our math vocabulary journal. This week students learned how to find numbers on the number line and how numbers relate to one another.

We are continuing to work on our numbers. We have broken down the numbers and focus on 2 numbers at day. We are currently practicing writing the numbers the correct way, writing the number word, and representing the number using pictures, number frames, etc. This is an important fundamental skill as we build from numbers to more complex skills throughout the year. A great way to practice this skill at home would be with crayons, markers, pens, pencils, playdoh, etc. Kiddos can even use toys to show the number you say, by making the physical number or counting out that many.

Content: This week we got to share our families! Families are so important, and that's why we want them to be apart of classroom. This week students were encouraged to bring in a family photo in a frame to leave at school for the remainder of the school year. There is a special spot in our classroom that these are kept and will stay for us to look at throughout the year. If you have not sent in your picture- it's not too late! Send it in and we'll put it on display!

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