Polar Animals - Penguins

Poem: I Have a Little Wagon
Sight Words: was, all

Reading: This week our focus was Retell a Connected Story. After read alouds students would be asked to retell the story and recall events and elements from the story. One way we did this was by rolling a dice and recalling the element we rolled. These included: Who were the characters? What was the setting? What happened in the beginning? What happened in the middle? What happened in the end? What was the main idea?

We also reviewed the main idea and key details this week. Students have worked hard at using Popplet to record the main idea and key details from a book in the book box. This is an app that will carry over for the next week too.

This week we took a day and reviewed the H brothers. We used the puppets to recall the sounds each H brother makes and then used our knowledge to blend sounds together in words. Words we blended together were shell, hush, lunch, what, bath, etc. These puppets came home this week, so please reinforce the sounds at home with some fun activities!

This week students learned words that came from the book, "The Emperor's Egg". Those words included: racket, horizon, pouch, trumpeting, miserable, and trundles. As a review we took turns finding things around the room that would make a racket. Students were good at finding things that were loud and obnoxious and not making sounds that sounded pleasant. We also created a book using Book Creator that explained the word miserable. Take a look!
Students have also been working at creating word family books in book creator during their independent ipad time. Here are a few of those books!

Writing: This week in writer's workshop we learned about feeling endings. When writing an informational book we include a topic sentence, 3 facts about a topic and a feeling ending. Students are putting their stories on book creator and then uploading to google classroom! Here are a few that they have been working on!

Math: This week during math we learned about place value with tens and ones.We started the week off by learning about the app called Number Pieces. Students will use this app independently next week to show tens and ones in a given number. While using the app students drag the pieces to show how many tens and how many ones in each number.

We also used hands on math tools to represent tens and ones on our math mats. This is very similar to the Number Pieces app, just hands on. Students were familiar with the tens frame paddles because we talk about tens and ones in a tens frame daily during calendar. Students practiced by putting their counters on their tens frame to represent the number and say aloud how many tens and ones. If the tens frame is completely full, then there is 1 set of 10. To finish the week we used number bonds to show tens and ones. This was different because students were using number digits instead of pictures of math tools representing each number. When showing the number bond, one always gets 10 and the other circle is the number representing the ones. They caught onto this approach very quickly!

Content: This week students learned about penguins. We started the week off by using PebbleGo to research information about penguins with our ipads partners. Then we learned about the parts of a penguin and how each part helps a penguin survive. We labeled a penguin illustration to learn where these parts are. We took a break in the middle of the week to learn about Groundhog's Day. After reading a few books we made our groundhog popping out of the ground. We finished the week by writing down facts about penguins and creating our penguin craft!

SEL: This week we began talking about honesty. We read the story, "Lying Up a Storm" to start our discussion about being honest and telling the truth even when it's hard.

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ell and -est word family.
-learn how to back up and reread as a comprehension strategy.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about action words (verbs).
-learn about how labels help inform our readers.

Math: Students will...
-learn how to find 1 more and 1 less than a given number.

Content: Students will be learning about dental health. We will have a dental hygienist come and visit during the week to talk about the importance of keeping your teeth healthy.

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