100th Day of School

Poem: 100 Day Poem
Sight Words: where, they

Reading: This week our focus was to identify the main idea and key details in a read aloud. When we recall the main idea we think, "What was the story mostly about?" Key details are specific things that happened on pages throughout the story. Next week students will be using the ipad to work on main idea and key details. During our mini lessons we used Popplet to show examples of main idea and key details. One example was a variety of food. We discussed the pictures and decided that the main idea was food. It wasn't all about hamburgers, but of different kinds of food.

This week the vocabulary words we learned were apologize, snooze, confusion, attention, webbed, and notice. We read a favorite book called "Duck and Goose" as we found these words within!

For ipads this week students used Book Creator to make a word family book. They wrote 3 words that belonged to the word family and drew a picture to illustrate that word. STudents also used Tellagmi to retell a familiar story from their book box.  

Writing: We started our week with our writing prompt, "When I'm 100 years old I will..." Students took time to brainstorm things that they will be able to do then wrote their response to match their picture we took earlier using the Aging Booth app. They loved seeing their pictures of them as they would look when 100!

We also talked about the difference between fact and opinion. We watched a video that explained facts and opinions then we sorted cards into fact or opinion. We talked about how in our informational writing we need to write facts about a topic, however on the last page when we write our feeling ending, it can be an opinion.

Math: This week was a math focused week with celebrating the 100th day of school! We celebrated all day on Monday and then continued throughout the week during content. After Monday we continued learning about subtraction. We review that subtraction is when we are taking away and then we practiced different strategies to solve subtraction problems. We practiced using a number line. If the problem is 5-3 we would start at 5 and go back 3 (or make 3 humps backward). Students used a laminated number line and someone modeled using the number line app on the board. We also used our rekenreks to solve subtraction problems. Students would slide 5 over then slide 3 back and notice there were 2 beads left to find their answer. Other strategies that we practiced last week was drawing a picture and crossing some out, and using math tools to physically count and take away.

Content: This week was all about the 100th day of school. Monday was everything 100 and we continued this throughout the week. On Tuesday was had fun with a dalmatian dog and made 101 black dots on the dog. On Wednesday we made our gumball craft and included 100 gumballs using q-tips and paint. On Thursday we finished our 100 word book and were excited to bring it home to use at home and keep in our rooms! On Friday we participated in another STEM activity!

SEL: This week we spent time talking about fairness. We started the week by reading the book It's Not Fair! This book then led our discussion about things in our lives that we didn't think were fair including:
-my brother got to go to his friend's house and I didn't.
-my cousin got to stay at the park longer than me.
-my cousin got candy and didn't give me any.

We continued our conversations throughout the week by watching a fairness video, and participating in a band-aid experiment. All students were given a band-aid in the exact same spot no matter what was hurting them. We talked about how did the band-aid on our hand help our headache? Did it help our skinned knee? Students learn that being the same and getting the same treatment isn't always fair. We compare this to school and how each kiddo might need something a little different and that's okay. We discuss how fair is not always equal and we have to accept that. On Friday we sorted cards into fair and equal. We used these cards to continue our discussion from Thursday; fair is not equal.

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ing and -ick word families.
-tell a connected story.

Writing: Students will...
-learn more about feeling/opinion endings.
-continue writing informational books.

Math: Students will...
-learn about place value with tens and ones.

Content: Students will continue learning about polar animals. We will focus most of our learning on penguins.

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