Poem: Higglety Pigglety Pop!
Sight Words: has, on

Reading: This week in reading our focus was to retell a story. Students work at remembering what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. We read Halloween books throughout the week to retell and students also used the iPads to retell. After scanning a halloween QR code, students listened to a story, then used Chatterpix to record the beginning, middle, and end of the story they heard.

This week we made a list of -en words. This is how we practice rhyming and blending throughout the week. On Monday we used a prezi to help us generate our list of words. Check it out below!

Writing: This week we learned about what makes a true story. A true story is a 3 page book about something that a really happened to us. Each page contains something specific about our story. On the first page, students write who is in their story. The second page is for where their story takes place. And the final third page is for what happened in their story. Students watched as I wrote a true story about our first field trip to the pumpkin patch. Each day I modeled, and students went back to work on the same page. This strategy will help as they learn the writing process.

Math: This week our vocabulary word was position. We learned that the position of an objects means where it is. We practiced identifying the following positions: under, above, beside, next to, behind, in front of, and more! We practiced showing what the positions look like around the room and worked with a partner to demonstrate positions.

We also practiced writing numbers 0-20 using dry erase boards. This is a 2nd nine weeks skill.

Content: This week we learned about spiders. On Monday we watched a short video about spiders and read a story. We worked at completing a have, can, are tree map together with information we learned. On Tuesday we learned about orb spider webs. We explored different designs and then used glue and glitter to make our own. On Wednesday we worked on labeling the body parts of a spider, and we finished the week by making our spider craft. Students made a spider and wrote how many eyes, legs, fangs, and body parts a spider has.

Extra fun:
This week was Red Ribbon week and Granparent's Day! Check out the pictures from a few of our fun days!

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ed word family.
-compare and contrast between and within stories.
-count the syllables in words.

Writing: Students will...
-talk about being a smarty speller.
-write another true story with modeling.

Math: Students will...
-learn about 3D shapes.

Content: Students will study the season fall and leaves. We will go on a leaf hunt and explore the changes that we see each year during the season fall/autumn.

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