Poem: My Eyes Can See
Sight Words: my, up

Reading: This week our comprehension strategy was to identify the characters within a story. We talked about how a character is who the story is about. Characters can be people or animals. We practiced identifying characters all week in our read alouds. We finished the week by creating a  chart with students' favorite storybook character. They loved sharing with the class who they love to read about!

We continued to practice rhyming words within our new word family -an. Words in the -an word family include: Dan, fan, ran, can, ban, pan, tan, van, etc. Rhyming is a skill that is so important and one that can be really fun. I encouraged students to practice rhyming with their name at home! It can be silly and nonsense as long as it rhymes! We also practiced with the app Partners in Rhyme. Students will use this app to practice next week independently.

This week our vocabulary words went with our content unit of pumpkins! We read the book, The Biggest Pumpkin Ever and learned the meaning of the following words: fertilizer, hummed, contest, discovered, admire, and gathered.

We also reviewed beginning sounds and added identifying ending sounds. Students practice listening to a word and identifying the last sound they hear. This is a tough skill at first but one that will help them become better readers and writers. We practiced this skill by using picture cards and writing the last sound.

Writing: This week we started Writer's Workshop! We were so excited to learn all about Writer's Workshop and start writing. We started the week by making our Smiley Face Chart that explains the layout of Writer's Workshop. We read the chart everyday as we begin Writer's Workshop. Then we made a list of possible topics we could write about. After modeling, students went back to their tables and drew a picture of anything they chose. They worked on using detail and color in their pictures. Students also labeled each part of their picture with beginning sounds. As the week went on, students learned to how to write a simple sentence on the lines below their illustration. We started with the sentence, "I see the.." Students did great!

Math: This week we learned about subitizing. Students learned that subitize means to look at something and know it right away. This will help us with number sense as we learn new and more complex math skills throughout the year. To help with this concept we do a daily Math Talk. This is in the form of a slideshow where students are shown a number of objects. They must look at the slide quickly and know how many are there. Each day we will do this as a class in hope that we will be more accurate and quick in recognizing numbers.

We added a few new choices to choice this week as well including number puzzles to help practice subitizing, number counting links to math with someone to help with 1:1 counting, and shape sorting to math by myself. Skills that we reviewed this week included recognizing and describing 2D shapes (circle, hexagon, square, triangle, and rectangle) and sorting like shapes. We also practiced recognizing numbers 11-20 while playing SWAT IT. Students wait until a number has been said, then they turn to "swat" the number said before the person next to them.

Content: This week we learned about pumpkins! We started the week by reading books and learning about the pumpkin life cycle. Students colored and cut the stages of a pumpkin in which they then glued to a string to display each stage. We used pic collage to first talk about the stages while examining real pictures.

We also read the story "Spookley". We talked about how being different was a good thing in the book and then made our own 2D shape pumpkins in a variety of colors. They had lots of fun tearing paper and gluing on their shape.

On Friday we completed our pumpkin investigation. We used a real pumpkin to open up and explore the inside while also investigating the outside. So much fun! So much goo!

iPads: Students did a lot this week! We started using book creator during whole group to practice making entries into our math journal. Students will record and explain the math vocabulary word for the week and have an entry for number of the day.

Students used pic collage to take pictures of things around the room and label the beginning sound. Students would start by rolling a dice and finding items that start with that letter. Here are some of those creations.

Students practiced beginning sounds and letter sounds through the app Duck Duck Moose Reading. Students loved practicing key skills with such a fun interactive app!

Students also practiced number sense and counting by using Doodle Buddy to write a number and show that many in stamps (pictures). Students loved using the iPad to show their knowledge of numbers 1-20!

Each month we will have a Behavior Celebration. In order for your child to attend, they must have 85% positive behavior. This can be seen on ClassDojo! This month students could bounce in a bounce house and run on a blow up obstacle course. They had SO much fun!

Reading: Students will...
-learn about the setting.
-identify beginning and ending sounds.
-learn words in the -ad word family.

Writing: Students will...
-use shapes to draw pictures.
-write 2 sentences on each page.

Math: Students will...
-learn about and create patterns.

Content: Students will learn about a variety of community helpers. Each kiddo will have the opportunity to share what they want to be when they grow up and meet people who help out in our community! Please take time this weekend to work on your child's community helper project! If it is not finished, they won't be able to share.

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