First Week of School

Oh my! The first week of school has come and gone and it was fabulous! We have 19 wonderful kiddos that we are continuing to learn about. This week was scary, exciting, new, fun, and tiring. Here is a video that sums up a few of these exciting moments!

Let's first take a look at these incredible kiddos that get to learn in room 28 this year! We also practiced writing our names on the first day and did GREAT!

We started the week of with learning procedures and expectations in and out of the classroom. We are so excited about the flexible seating in our classroom this year so it was important that we talked about the right and wrong way to sit at each table. Together we wrote down these expectations and have put them up in our room.

When the kiddos came in the first day, I asked how many of them knew how to read. There are always just a few hands that go up. We talk about how everyone knows how to read because there are 3 ways to read. You can: read the pictures, retell a story, and read the words. We practiced identifying these 3 ways while reading stories throughout the week.

This week we learned about daily 5 and discussed the expectations of read to self. We completed an I-chart together and listed these expectations. After completing the I-chart we talked about the word stamina and what it means. Stamina is when we work at something and practice everyday to get better. We then practiced building stamina and charted our progress. We were able to read for 8 minutes on Friday! Check out all these fabulous readers!

We also introduced the letters that are hard workers. Hard workers are vowels and are found in every word. We watched a new video called Vowel Bat. The kids LOVED singing along and learning about the hard workers with this video.
During math we spent the time exploring with the math tools. These are things that students will use throughout the year so I give the students time at the beginning to explore with them now so they can use them for math later in the year. It is also a great introduction to math as we start so many new things.
This week we read "The Kissing Hand" and discussed how we felt on the first day of school. We completed our first craft by drawing a picture of how we felt and made our racoon.

Reading: Students will...
-review Read to Self I-chart.
-practice retelling a story.
-practice identifying hard workers.

Writing: Students will...
-learn to hold a pencil correctly and write the following letters Ll, Ii, Tt, Oo, and Aa. 

Math: Students will...
-learn about numbers 1-8. 

Content: Students will...
-share with the class about themselves.

***Parents, please be sure to help your child fill the brown paper bag that they brought home with things that represent them. They need to return it to school by THURSDAY.

Students will also be taking a corporation wide assessment for reading and math. Our class is scheduled to take them math portion on Tuesday. We will be taking the assessment on the iPads in the computer lab. This will help as their teacher to better understand where each student is academically and I can challenge them to continue to learn throughout the year.


  1. I love this! Looks like an awesome week!

  2. So glad you enjoyed reading about our week! Be sure to check back each week to see what we're learning! 😊