Week in Review: Plants (Week 2)

Poem: Snug in a Rug
Sight Words: little, that

Reading: This week we took time to review the comprehension strategy: monitor and clarify. We spent time practicing this strategy. Good readers often stop to think about if what they are reading makes sense. They make sure they understand what is happening in the story or what the selection they are reading is about. If meaning breaks down during a story, good readers have strategies to go back and fix the problem. Some strategies a reader may use to assist in making sense of a story include: summarize text, go back and adjust the reading rate, reread text while thinking carefully, skim and scan the selection to gain meaning, or ask for help. Readers who monitor their own reading know and use these specific strategies when meaning breaks down and fix their reading to improve their comprehension. Your child is working on the comprehension strategy, monitor and fix up. This strategy will help your child identify when meaning breaks down and will give him/her tools necessary to regain comprehension.

We introduced contractions this week as well. We learned a new contraction each day learning 'll, 's, and n't.

Our vocabulary words this week included:

  • light
  • kite
  • creatures
  • firmly
  • launched
  • replied
We chose to look at the words kite and light to review on Thursday. We used doodle buddy to draw a picture of something that was light. We talked about a variety of things including a penny, a dollar bill, a feather, an empty cup, etc. 

Writing: This week we made a chart of things we love. This helped as we thought of another topic for an opinion writing. We also practiced including each part of opinion writing. Students helped add in a missing piece and each day it was something different. One day the opinion was missing, then the reason, and the final opinion. Students did great reviewing each part of an opinion that we need! Below are some opinion writings that have been uploaded to Google Classroom.

Math: This week we spent time reviewing skills like ways to make 10. We did this using the iPad and 2 sided counters as a whole group. When assessing students they will need to know the missing addend. For example 8 + __ = 10.

Content: This week we continued our unit about plants and had some fun with our butterflies too! On Monday all of our butterflies had broken out of their cocoons and so we went outside to let them be free! We discussed how seeds can be planted by people but they can also be carried by the wind and can travel. We read the book "The Tiny Seed" by Eric Carle to discuss this idea. We also had lots of fun using the app Adobe Voice to create a video of things we learned about plants. Next week students will be able to create their own video!

ABC Countdown to Summer: This week we had so much fun celebrating days f, g, h, i, and j! We had fruit for snack on Monday for "f" day. On Tuesday we played all sorts of games for "g" day and even got to play a game in gym! On Wednesday we wore hats for "h" day. Thursday we went outside and enjoyed yummy ice cream for "i" day. And on Friday we told lots of silly jokes for "j" day! This week was so much fun!

Reading: Students will...
-be reviewing compound words.
-be reviewing comprehension skills like compare/contrast, retell a story, and main idea.

Writing: Students will...
-reviewing opinion writing.
-learn about different choices like writing a list and card.

Math: Students will...
-be reviewing the math skills taught this school year including addition, subtraction, shapes, and missing addends.

Content: Students will...
-be learning all about zoo animals! We will be focusing on the following animals: elephants, giraffes, zebras, and lions.

Upcoming Events:
May 5 & 6: Muffins for Moms
May 10: Zoo Field Tip
May 16: Kindergarten Graduation @ 10 am
May 17: Field Day (wear tennis shoes)
May 19: Talent Show @ 1:15
May 20: Last Day of School

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