Week in Review: Insects (Week 2)

Poem: Pizza Pie
Sight Words: take, off

Reading: This week our reading strategy was cross-checking. When reading we might come to a word that we are unsure of and we need a strategy to help us figure it out. It is important for the child to slow their reading down and to apply their strategy to help with their accuracy. Student use motions as they say these words, "Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?"

How can you help at home?
As your listening to your child read at home and they come to a word that they are having trouble with or a word that they said incorrectly and are stumbling around, remind them to cross-check.
1. Does it look right? (Is the word they are saying match the letters on the page?) When saying this your child should cross his/her right arm across their chest.
2. Does it sound right? Your child will cross their left arm across their chest to make an x.
3. Does it make sense? Both arms come down with their palms up as they ask this question.

This week we learned words that belong in the -ame word family. We practiced spelling these words and we also did a word search to familiarize ourselves with the words. They are getting so good at the word searches!

Our vocabulary words this week included:
  •  temperature
  • survive
  • communicate
  • sly
  • scent 
  • mood
We reviewed communicate and sly on Thursday by talking with a friend and identifying situations where we were showed good/poor communication. We also acted out what it would like to be sly. Christian told us a time that he was sly!

Writing: This week we reviewed opinion writing and what the acronym OREO stands for. We did a few movie reviews including Minions and Zootopia. On Wednesday we watched a trailer for the new movie Zootopia and wrote an opinion about it! An example of an opinion writing for Zootopia looks like this:
Opinion: Zootopia is a funny movie
Reason: Because it is silly.
Example: Sloths type really slowly in the movie.
Opinion: Zootopia is a funny movie!

On Friday we made a list of movies/tv shows that we like and started writing out their opinion on their planning page.

Math: This week we learned about the different ways to make 10! We started the week off by coloring in our Ways to Make 10 Rainbow. This is a great visual to help students understand the different ways to make 10. Then we practiced different ways to make 10 throughout the week. One day we practiced by using a tens frame. If our number is 7, we fill in 7 then count the empty boxes and know that 7 and 3 make 10. We also used 10 math tools and separated into 2 piles. If one pile has 6 then we count the other pile to know that 6 and 4 make 10. On Thursday we introduced the Math with Someone game called "Bears in a Cave". When playing this, one student hides bears under a cup and the other student has to figure out how many bears are "in the cave" by counting the bears that he/she can see. (More pictures to come of this game next week!)

Content: We continued our insect unit this week. We wrote in our observation journals throughout the week; documenting the changes we saw with our caterpillars. They are getting so big! We also completed an insect sort as a class; which bugs/animals are insects, which are not? We also made a butterfly life cycle craft using pasta! On Friday we completed our kindergarten craft for our author visit for next week. After reading the story, "There Was An Old Martian Who Swallowed The Moon", we made a craft of ourselves in a space ship eating insects!

Reading: Students will...
-learn the strategy: skip the word and come back.
-make -ate words.

Writing: Students will...
-discuss the importance of using "fancy" words.
-review movie reviews (opinion writing).

Math: Students will...
-learn how to decompose numbers 1-9.

Content: Students will...
-learn about Eric Carle and complete lots of fun crafts to go with his many books.

  • 4/29 Spring Carnival
  • 5/5 Muffins for Mom
  • 5/10 Field Trip to Indy Zoo
  • 5/16 Kindergarten Graduation 10:00AM
  • 5/17 Field Day 1:00PM
  • 5/19 Talent Show
  • 5/20 Last day of school!

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