Week in Review: Insects Week 1

Poem: My Apple
Sight Words: look, out

Reading: This week we worked on the stratgey "visualizing". This means that students think about what the picture looks like without actually seeing the page. Students are encouraged to close their eyes and listen to the words. This helps in comprehension because it allows students to take time to listen and think about what the words are saying.

Our new word family this week was -ive. We made words in the word family and talked again about the bossy e. These words include: live, dive, drive, strive, jive, hive, etc.

We also learned 6 new vocabulary words. The word that we reviewed this week was shrink. Students took a picture of their partner and then made it smaller using the app educreations. They recorded themselves using the word in a sentence. 

We've added retelling ropes as a choice during read with someone. Students use the pictures to help guide them through retelling a story that they read with their partner. The rope includes setting, characters, problem, beginning, middle, end, and solution. 

Writing: This week we talked about pronouns. We first watched a video then practiced using a pronoun in sentences. We verbally replaced nouns with pronouns during our mini lesson. 

We introduced opinion writing this week. We started by watching a video and talked about the acronym OREO. In opinion writing it's important to include your opinion, your reasons, examples, and restate your opinion. We started by writing a whole class opinion to convince the teacher to bring in OREOs. After writing the planning page we then transferred the sentences to the opinion paper. After the mini lesson everyone was excited when We broke out the OREOs!

Math: This week we worked on addition and subtraction story problems. We worked whole class on solving these problems using manipulatives. An example of an addition story is, "I saw 3 ladybugs on a leaf. 2 more ladybugs appeared. How many ladybugs are on the leaf now?" 

A subtraction story problem sounds like this, "I saw 6 airplanes in the sky, 4 airplanes landed. How many airplanes are in the sky?" We practiced using math tools and using the app DoodleBuddy. Students then were able to make their own story problems with a partner at math with someone. 

Our math vocabulary word this week was total. This was a great word to use as we are talking about the total number left when doing story problems. 

Content: We were so excited to get this week started. This is the start of our 2 week insect unit. We started the week off my learning about what an insect is. We then started our observation journal by making a cover page using the app Book Creator on the iPads. Then we took a day and labeled an insect. On Thursday our caterpillars came!! We started our journal by writing our first observation in our journals. On Friday we completed a have, can, are chart as a whole class and worked on a ladybug craft. When students were finished they had the opportunity to add "day 2" to their observation journal.

We also used an app called Chatterpix to share information we knew about insects. So much fun with the ipads! 

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ame word family. 
-cross check while reading. 

Writing: Students will...
-learn more details about how to write an opinion paper. Students will be encouraged to dive in and begin writing their own opinion! 

Math: Students will...
-learn about the ways to make 10. Students will be challenged to make those ways independently and whole class. 

Content: Students will...
Continue learning about insects. Students will sort pictures into a group of insects and non insects. We will continue adding pages in our observation journals as our caterpillars continue changing. 

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