Week in Review: Eric Carle

Poem: All By Myself
Sight Words: by, was

Reading: This week our reading strategy was skip the word and come back. This can be a helpful strategy for a child when they come across an unknown word. This strategy teaches a reader to skip over the word, read the rest of the sentence, and come back to the beginning and read it again. Check out this resource to learn more about the strategy and how to help at home! Skip the Word

This week we also introduced s-blends. These are a variety of word with letter combinations like sl, sm, st, sh, sp, etc. We practiced blending these words together by looking at word combinations on the white board.

Writing: This week in Writer's Workshop we read the book "Fancy Nancy". We talked about how Nancy was fancy and used fancier words. We made a chart of plain words from the story and the fancy word alternative. This can help make our writing more interesting to our readers. We practiced throughout the week making our writing more interesting by adding fancier words.

Math: This week we focused on the skill: decomposing numbers 1-9. We practiced with math tools and also drawing a picture. We first roll a dice to choose a number and then show one way to make that number by one of 2 ways; draw a picture or using math tools. Below are pictures to better show these strategies.

We also introduced a few new math choices. One is using fuzzy pom poms to decompose numbers. Students also have a recording sheet to record all of their answers.

Our math vocabulary word this week was sum. Students added this word and explanation to their math journal.

Content: This week we studied the work of Eric Carle. We started the week off by watching a short video clip about Eric Carle and learned some of the techniques that he uses when illustrating his pictures. We read many of his books including: The Grouchy Ladybug, The Foolish Tortoise, The Very Busy Spider, Today is Monday, The Mixed Up Chameleon and many more! During the week we read The Mixed Up Chameleon and then took turns looking for the chameleon around the room. We talked about how a chameleon can blend in to it's surroundings and can be hard to see sometimes. They absolutely loved this! Then we used tissue paper in little pieces to make our chameleon colorful. We talked about how this process is similar to what Eric Carle does!

On Friday we did a fun rotation with all of kindergarten! Each kindergarten teacher rotated around and did a craft that went along with an Eric Carle book. This was so much fun!

Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -ane word family.
-practice the strategy; compare and contrast.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about different sentence starters.

Math: Students will...
-continue practicing decomposing numbers 1-9.

Content: Students will...
-begin our 2 week plan unit. We will observe a seed growing over a 2 week time span as well as learn lots about plants and living things.

Upcoming Events:
April 29: Spring Carnival 6-8pm
May 5 & 6: Muffins for Mom
May 10: Zoo Field Trip 
May 17: Field Day
May 19: Talent Show
May 20: Last Day of School

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