Week on Review: Weather

Poem: I Have, You Have
Sight Words: have, 

Reading:  This week we worked on identifying the problem and solution while reading. The problem is when something is wrong and the solution is what happens to fix the problem. 

Students learned and practiced spelling words in the -ade word family this week. We talked again about the bossy e and how adding it to the end of a word changes the vowel to a long vowel. 

Writing: We spent the week finishing up our informational writing. Students also used Shadow Puppet to write a weather report. Check out the few that were uploaded this week! 

Math: Addition stories were introduced this week. This is a skill that a lot of kiddos have fun with because they get to listen/make up a story and solve it. We practiced this whole group with counters and using the app Doodle Buddy. An example of an addition story problem would be: As I was sitting by the pond I saw 2 frogs. Then I saw 3 more frogs hop by. How many frogs did I see at the pond? 

Content: This week we finished our weather unit. We started the week off by talking about extreme weather and learning about tornados. The kids thought tornados were pretty cool! We also made a popplet as a class to brainstorm different things we would want to fall from the sky as we used Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We used our popplet to then do our writing and craft. We had a lot of good ideas including: pickles, meatloaf, strawberries, and suckers. 

St. Patrick's Day Fun:
We were so excited to celebrate St. Patrick's Day this week! We started the week by making rainbow binoculars to spy the leprechaun. We then used our pictures that had been made on the app "Leprechaun Me" for our writing activity. Students had to think about where they would hide their pot of gold and finish the writing prompt. 

Later we went on a scavenger hunt to try and catch the Leprechaun. He had us looking all over the classroom and ended with a sweet treat: skittles! We had another sweet treat during snack which was ice cream with lucky charms sprinkled on top. 

To end the day we made our own leprechauns using orange paint and forks to make the beards! 

Reading: Students will...
-learn -ive words.
-visualize during a read aloud. 

Writing: Students will...
-learn about pronouns.
-Begin learning about persuasive writing. 

Math: Students will...
-learn and explain the word: total. 
-practice subtraction story problems. 

Content: Students will...
-start our 2 week unit on insects. We will learn about the body parts of an insect and what bugs are considered insects. We will have butterflies to examine and watch as they grow and transform. 

Upcoming Events:
April 8: Spring Pictures
April 29: Spring Carnival 
May 5: Muffins for Moms
May 10: Field Trip to Zoo

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