Week in Review: Weather

Poem: Muffin Man
Sight words: do, down

Reading: This week we introduced a new word family with the bossy e. Students brainstormed words in the -ike word family. During the week we worked on spelling and building -ike words.

Our vocabulary words for the week included:

On Thursday we used the app Balloon Stickies Plus to illustrate the word "idea". Students were excited to take a selfie and add a thinking bubble. Inside the thinking bubble we wrote the word idea.

Throughout the week we also worked on comprehension strategies like main idea, retell the story, and infer and predict. The main idea is what the story is mostly about. When we retell the story we recall what happened in the beginning, middle, and end of the story. To infer and predict means when we read we think about what is going to happen next before turning the page.

Writing: This week we completed our end of the unit writing assessment. Students have been working hard at completing their informational books and uploading them to book creator. I am excited about having these informational books displayed on QR codes in the hallway during parent-teacher conference week!

Students were also introduced to the app Shadow Puppet Edu. Next week students will independently make their own weather reports by uploading pictures, text, and voice recording about weather.

Math: In math we compared addition and subtraction. We watched a video and discussed the differences between the two operations.

Content: This week we started our 2 weeks unit on weather! We started off the week by reading a few books and brainstorming a list of weather words. We then explored rain and what makes rain. We watched short video about the water cycle and then experimented with rain. We used water, shaving cream, and blue food dye to show what happens when it rains. The kids loved seeing the dye soak through the shaving cream and fall into the water. We talked about how we had to wait a little while before the dye actually fell down (just like rain)!

We then did  cause and effect activity with weather. Students had to determine the effect of certain weather. If it is sunny, then the effect is it's hot and I'm sweaty. If it's windy, my hair is blowing around very crazy, and so on.

We then talked about wind and clouds to finish off the week. We read about wind and talked about how you can't see wind, but you can see what wind does to other things. We talked about objects that could be moved by a small breeze and things that could not be moved. We then used a straw and our (wind) to move a feather. We charted how far each kiddo moved the feather!

On Friday we ended with clouds. We read the story "The Little Cloud" by Eric Carle. In the story he talks about how clouds change shape. Sometimes they even look like other things like a butterfly, or an airplane. We did our own craft using cotton balls to make a picture out of the clouds.


Reading: Students will...
-learn words that belong in the -ade word family.
-explore new vocabulary words including "leaps".

Writing: Students will...
-write informational weather reports.

Math: Students will...
-work and find the answers to addition story problems.

Content: Students will...
-continue learning about weather. Next week we will learn about extreme weather and other weather terms.

Important Dates:
March 15 & 17: Parent-Teacher Conferences
March 18: 3rd Nine Weeks Awards @ 2pm
March 21-25: Spring Break
April 8: Spring Pictures
April 29: Spring Carnival
May 5: Muffins for Moms
May 10: Zoo Field Trip

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