Week in Review: President's Day

Poem: My Little Sister
Sight Words: she, all

Reading: This week students worked on opposites by using the app popplet. Students used a paper with pictures. They wrote that word in a popple and then wrote the opposite of the word in an adjoining popple. When they were finished they brainstormed and wrote more opposites on their own.

This week we used book creator to review 2 of our vocabulary words from earlier in the week. The words were peered and glided. Students took a picture of the vocabulary word then recorded their partner explaining the word and acting it out.

Writing: This week we learned what gets a capital letter. We already know that the first letter in a sentence gets a capital but there are more things that need a capital. We used the chart to review the different words that need a capital letter.

Students used nonfiction books to learn information about a topic. They then got a planning page and wrote their 3 facts. This was a great way for students to explore their topic a little more and add more information to their book.

Math: This week students continued practicing subtraction. We reviewed subtraction with using a variety of strategies. One day we practiced subtraction by using a number line. We also used math manipulatives to practice taking away. The last way is to draw a picture. Students practiced drawing a picture on the ipads using the app Doodle Buddy. Students had fun being able to choose their picture and use the ipad for this skill.

Our math vocabulary this week was subtract and minus. Students used words and pictures to explain the words in their math journal. After writing their math vocabulary words they completed the extra subtraction practice page.

Content: This week we talked about presidents. We started the week off by watching a president video and talking about who the current president is. After talking about the current president we discussed that the White House is where the president lives. We used Google Earth to explore rooms inside the White House. (Everyone thought this was SO cool!) We then talked about the current election and the candidates. After reading Duck for President we held our own election and students had to decide if they wanted to vote for duck to run the classroom or Mrs. Keller. Lucky for me, I can keep teaching! :)

We continued the week talking about Abraham Lincoln and made a popplet with information we learned. On Friday we completed our Abe Lincoln craft.

Reading: Students will...
-learn about cause and effect.
-learn -ip and -et words.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about how to make a noun plural by adding -s.
-learn about PebbleGO and how to use it when writing an informational book.

Math: Students will...
-learn about greater than, less than, and equal to using manipulatives.
-Math vocab: greater than, less than, equal.

Content: Students will...
-be exploring many different fairy tales. They will learn what makes a fairy tale then have fun activities that compliment a variety of fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, The 3 Little Pigs, Cinderella, and many more! On Friday we will end our week by having a Fairy Tale Ball. Students are encouraged to dress like their favorite fairy tale character and will learn different kinds of dancing. It will be loads of fun!

February 25: ABC's of Ag Day @ McCutcheon
February 26: Fairy Tale Ball
February 26: K-2 Movie Matinee
March 11: End of 3rd 9 Weeks

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