Week in Review: Dental Health

Poem: Hide and Seek
Sight Words: play, make

Reading: This week we worked on retelling a story using beginning, middle, and end. This is a comprehension skill that allows us to assess if we understand what we read. This is a great way to check for understanding even at home! After reading a story, ask your child "What happened at the beginning of the story?" "What happened in the middle of the story?" "What happened after that; in the end of the story?"

We learned words that belong to 2 new word families! The -ug and -ub word families were introduced and we talked more about rhyming words. After watching a video we listed words that we heard in each word family. These words include but are not limited to bug, dug, slug, rug, mug, jug, tub, cub, sub, and stub.

This week we explored the word: information. In the story, "Dear Mr. Blueberry" the little girl was writing to her teacher asking for information about whales. We knew the word information from writer's workshop where right now we are writing information books. Students learned that information means facts about a topic. We then used pictures to talk about ways we can learn information about a topic. These included reading, TV, talking/listening to someone, and using the computer.

Writing: This week we worked on starting a new information book when we are finished with the one we were working on. The teacher modeled choosing a new topic and writing a fact on each page, with a total of 3 topics. At the end of the week the teacher modeled how to write a feeling ending in order to end the writing. We also reviewed how to add our stories to Book Creator. The exciting change this week was that students were encouraged to draw their picture and write their words in Book Creator instead of just taking a picture. Check out this book!

Math: This week the vocabulary word was: count on. This means that students are able to start counting from any given number. If the number 16 is said aloud they start by saying 16, 17, 18, 19.... We practiced this after writing this word in our math writing notebook.

We also learned about measurement. We talked about length and how things can be shorter and longer. We used things around the room to compare the length like a marker and crayon, HOOT LOOT and a glue stick, etc. We also talked about weight and how we can compare things of different weight. We used the scales for this lesson and the kids LOVED it! We first watched a video and compared items that are heavier and lighter than an elephant. Then we used the scale to find things in the room that are heavier and lighter than a marker.

We also added a new math with someone game! Students take turns drawing 2 cards that show tens frames. They have to find a match to a teen number in front of them. For example if they draw a card with a full tens frame (10) and a tens frame with 3 (3) they would match it to the number 13.

Content: This week we learned all about dental health. We talked about how it is important to take care of our body, but it is also important to take care of our teeth. We started out the week by watching some videos about dental health, dentist visits, and a field trip to the dentist office! This helped build some background knowledge to get the week going. We also took a day to look through magazines to find things that were good/bad for our teeth. After finding things we cut them out and glued them on a tooth with a smile (for good) and a frown (for bad). We also had Mrs. Ladeburg come visit to talk about dental health. She works at a dentist office and was able to show us the right way to brush our teeth. She also showed us some x-rays of her teeth and read a good teeth book! On Friday we ended the week by making a list of things that we can do to take care of our teeth. After writing one way to take care of our teeth we used marshmallows to make our smile. This was a yummy craft as some kiddos were able to sneak some extra marshmallows!

We also made our predictions for Groundhog's Day on Monday. The majority was right on their prediction!


Reading: Students will...
-learn words in the -am and un word family.
-learn how to use the strategy: back up and reread.

Writing: Students will...
-learn about verbs through Vicky Verb.
-continue writing informational books.

Math: Students will...
-examine length.
-compare things that are longer and shorter.
-learn about subtraction.

Content: Next week we will be celebrating Valentine's Day! We will be having fun with a candy heart experiment, sorting colored m&m's, and having our party on Friday. Please make sure that your child brings 21 valentines for others in the class. Please refrain from writing names on the valentines. The only name should be your child's in the "from" spot.

February 11: Behavior Celebration "Inside Out"
February 12: Valentine's Party
February 15: NO SCHOOL
February 18: Family Fitness Night 6-7:30
February 25: ABC's of Ag
February 26: K-2 Movie Night

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