Week in Review: Penguins

Poem: Who Stole the Cookies
Sight Words: will, be

Reading: This week we focused on the strategy: identify the author's purpose. We used an acronym called PIE to identify the 3 different ways; Persuade, Inform, and Entertain. After reading a story, students would use prior knowledge to identify why the author wrote the story. Persuade means that someone is trying to get us to change our mind about something or make us think a certain way. We used "Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late" to demonstrate how the pigeon tried everything to let him stay up later. Inform; the author wants to teach us something, so we should be learning facts about a topic. And entertain is to make us laugh. We read these books for enjoyment.

We also learned which words belong to the -ig and -og word families. We use these words each day to talk about rhyming and how we can spell these CVC words (consonant vowel consonant). For example most of these words look like this: dog, log, dig, pig, etc.. Students should be able to blend the sounds together and read these words efficiently at this time in the school year.

Writing: This week students were introduced to the next writing unit: Informational Writing. We started by talking about things we know a lot about and made a list of those things. We then used the planning page to model how students will begin writing and organizing their thoughts for their information book. We modeled 2 different planning pages to show students the process. 

Math: This week we spent time exploring the different ways to make numbers 6-9. We did this by completing our chart together and using 2 sided counters to the different ways. This helps tremendously with addition and the different ways to make a number.

Content: This week we learned all about penguins! We started off the week by scanning QR codes that were linked to videos about penguins. Students would then share things they learned with me! We also labeled a penguin and spent time learning about the parts of a penguin that made it easier for them to live in their habitat. After reading the very silly story "Tacky the Penguin" we completed a Venn Diagram comparing birds and penguins. We also completed a tree map as a class that listed facts we knew about penguins. We finished off our week by making a penguin craft!


Reading: Students will...
-be learning about the -am word family.
-using the strategy: predict.

Writing: Students will...
-begin planning out their information writing.
-learn about and identify nouns.

Math: Students will...
-learn the ways to make the number 10.
-explore the number 100.

Content: Students will...
-have lots of fun exploring the number 100! The 100th day of school is Wednesday and we will be gearing up with lots of fun activities!
-Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday with an egg experiment and sharing ways we can be kind to others. 

Upcoming Events:
January 25: MME night at Wea Pizza King 4:30-8pm
February 11: MME Fitness Night
February 15: President's Day - No School - Make-up day for days missed through  1/29
February 25: Kindergarten - ABC's of Ag @ McCutcheon
February 26: Movie Night (K-2)

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