Poem: Papa
Sight Words: find, this

Reading: This week we spent time introducing the H brothers. There are 5 total H brothers that we work with in kindergarten. They are the following: ph, wh, ch, th, and sh. Each day we learned the sound each brother makes and made a list of words containing the h brother. Each morning students made a h brother puppet that we will use more next week when we continue exploring words.

We also reviewed story elements. We used a beach ball during this mini lesson to review parts of the read aloud. Upon finishing the read aloud, I would toss the ball to a student. That student would then answer the comprehension question/story element that their thumb was touching on the ball. We continued tossing the beach ball until we had discussed the entire book. Questions and elements on the beach ball included: name the setting, name the characters, In the beginning..., in the middle..., in the end..., and what is your favorite part. Don't forget to ask your child questions after reading stories at home!

Writing: We spent the week reviewing lots of past lessons. One day we reviewed the steps to take in order to be a smarty speller. This is very important at this time in the year because students are writing more complex sentences with bigger words.

We also reviewed what makes writing easy and hard to read. Things that make writing easy to read include: using meatball spaces, using all the sounds for unknown words, and writing sight words correctly.

Math: We did a lot of reviewing this week. We spent time reviewing 2D and 3D shapes while discussing the charts we had made previously. We also reviewed addition and how we can use a variety of ways to add numbers. Using flashcards we can then use our fingers to find the sum, we can use a number line, or we can use math tools to find the sum.

We also reviewed the I-charts for Math by Myself, Math with Someone, and Math Writing.

Content: This week we spent time talking about New Year's Resolutions. We first read "Squirrel's New Year's Resolution" and explained that a resolution is a goal or plan to change for the year to come or do better. We completed a predictable chart and everyone came up with their own resolution. On Friday we completed our craft.


Reading: Students will...
-recognize/identify the h brother in words said orally.
-learn about the different reasons books are written (to persuade, inform, or entertain [PIE]).

Writing: Students will...
-begin our informational writing unit. Students will be presented with a planning sheet that we will complete as a whole class to show how to organize their facts.

Math: Students will...
-learn about the ways to make numbers 6-9. This goes along with addition. For example 2 and 4 make 6.

Content: Students will...
-Begin talking about polar animals! We will start our unit by discussing penguins and learning all about their habits and characteristics.

Upcoming Events:
January 13: PAC Meeting
February 10: PAC Meeting
February 15: President's Day (No School - Snow Make-Up Day)
February 26: K-2 Movie Night

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